Suggestion Box: Server Transfers

It feels a bit like the middle of a big storm in SWTOR for those of use who have requested a server transfer. Half of us have been blown away to other parts of the map while there’s a bunch more of us huddling down waiting for something to happen.

So that’s the basis of this week’s discussion: based on the server transfer process for Asia-Pacific players, what do you think needs to change for the game-wide server transfer system once it’s up and running? Should there be a cost to transfer?

Also, feel free to throw in what you though has worked well with the transfer system!


  1. Annette Smith says

    They needed to straighten out the character naming function. I had thought that clicking Play on the character I wanted to name meant that the renaming would start with that toon. I ended up having to delete one of my (admittedly level 10) characters because it ended up with the name I intended for my main. 

  2. Pilgrim... says

    The naming process… not good. You’re presented with the picture of one character, but the auto name process presents a different name… managed to mix 2 names up for my characters… argggg.

  3. Fidigaming says

    Free to lower population servers, cost to others…