Server transfers: has your toon made the jump?

We’re into the first 24 hours (of a roughly 7-day period) of the server transfer window for eligible SWTOR players.

The reports have started coming in of those who’ve had successful transfers, so things are well and truly underway.

If you’ve had your character transfererd, let us know how it went! As per the picture on the post, I’m still waiting. Ahh well.

Most importantly: Lest We Forget


  1. I logged in this morning to find the level 1 “transfer mule” (a placeholder character I’d created to hold a name) I’d requested to be transferred had been taken across. All appears to have gone perfectly; I was mostly concerned with the legacy getting integrated onto the new server (Dalborra) successfully, which it was. My legacy level was the same, and the legacy unlocks were all present (e.g., the other class buffs).

    I was honestly surprised it had happened so quickly! I’d been dreading the 3 hours of downtime as they transferred the character sometime this week… I’m most happy to know it had already happened. 🙂

  2. No transfers for me yet

  3. If you’ve reserved a name, do you need to delete that character before the transfer happens or can you delete the character after the transfer but before you choose the alternate name.

  4. Well I might be transfering now, got kicked off the server while I was playing so I’m hoping it’s transfer and not conection issues.

  5. Peterwilson27 says

    Characters transferred successfully, but after deleting my name placeholder toons and attempting to rename my transferred toons, it appears incorrect names have been applied despite following the listed instructions in game (ie. char A was given the name of B and vice versa).. Here’s hoping they can fix it instead of the generic “we are not offering a name change service at this time”. Wouldn’t be such a drama except for the fact male and female toons had names swapped :0

  6. Yup all done. Toons from The Harbinger now on Dalborra. Didn’t get a confirmation email, but the toons definitely made the switch over. All good.

  7. Still sitting on The Harbringer with my 4 toons patiently waiting as 1/2 my guildies disappear around me. Starting to think I need a bath!

  8. My character has been tranferred, but I lost my custom UI – anyone know of a way to get this back?! It took me quite a while to get the UI just right!

  9. The UI resets to default any UI u have set up on your character should still be accessable by clicking the drop down menu in the UI customisation screen. Mine were I assume it will be the same for everyone esle

  10. davyandrews247 says

    I have had my one eligible character moved and the legacy went with him. So no issues as far as I can tell.
    The legacy also stayed with my three character who were not eligible to move although I had to link them up again.

  11. My character made the shift overnight on Wednesday. Has been great, 50ms and below pings… high population… and people that pay waaaayyyyy too much on GTN 😀

  12. Had mine and the missus toons transferred over last night. Was playing the game and got dumped out to the server screen and had error code 6 and was so happy.

    Will log in after emergency maintenance tonight to see how things went.