Fleet Pass: SWTOR weekly roundup

Fleet Pass is a weekly review of the SWTOR community, a small and non-comprehensive collection of the funny, the insightful, the controversial and any other interesting picks found anywhere but generally in the SWTOR Forums.  Have a suggestion?  Send it in to us with a source link if available, and the name you’d like to be credited with.

Warning:  Article may or may not contain spoilers relating to SWTOR, or any of its variants.


Troyh – PvP

1.2 pvp a love hate.. depending on where you stand..
Final thoughts: If you are on a winning server or play DPS your probably loving the patch. However, unless your either blind or selfish this patch is the worst thing that has happen to pvp for this game since launch. I think being on both sides of the fence I can confidently say BW needs to fix something FAST! If your going to respond to this or any other comments about loving or hating the patch.. please list your Class – Type – and Win %. Im curious to see how many people on losing servers think this patch is good? It isnt a matter of L2P or change your rotation. The patch clearly favors one side over the other.. PVP is supposed to be balanced. Its far from it now. I dont see what was wrong with 1.1.5??

Mapex – Classes

Damage May Be Down, but Your Class is NOT Nerfed
Combat ratings have changed drastically with this patch, most noticeably Expertise. If you feel your class is nerfed (i.e. EVERYONE feels their class is nerfed), take a step back and analyze the situations in which your damage seems to be significantly lower than normal.

In the long run the changes to the classes and the gear in this patch are good for the game. There may be some hiccups and some crazy issues that pop up by the end of the next week, but overall healing and damage have been reined in as they were scaling to levels that would be very difficult to manage in the coming months.

So my advice to everyone is just to sit tight and adapt to the new game. Get geared out and play the game “by the rules” (i.e. no more DMing in warzones, go get those objective-based medals; play your spec like it was intended) and I assure you that you will reap the rewards of better gameplay without feeling the sting of “nerfs.”

JoshieoPandar – RP Servers A – Z

[Gav Daragon] Info thread about the server!
If you’re new to Gav Daragon then this thread is for you. The purpose for this thread is to try and move RP and the community forward on Gav Daragon using it as an info source, and a method of communication. So coordinating server events, RP events either world, or faction-based. Feel free to discuss anything-related to the server on the thread as well, and request me to add anything (missing info, your guild, website, or any other thing etc). Also if necessary contact me on my imp toon Asura, or if I’m on republic on Kaymars.



Back & Forth – Story & Lore

For those of you who are unaware, it is a level 13ish republic quest on Coruscant, the goal of which is to intercept a courier droid, and steal a document that would, if it reached it’s real destintion, help a corrupt senator break ties with the jedi order, and align the republic with the sith empire. Naturally, I, as a jedi, want to stop this. Unfortunately, Bioware are lacking in common sense.

I mean, really? As a pure light side jedi, I can either completely betray my ideals as a jedi, and let this guy carry out his plan, or I can stick to the jedi code, and have 100 dark side points weighing me down until 50?

Who came up with this crap?

I unsubbed because of this and am now alone, on the roof of my cathedral, pining for the dancing Gypsy far below.


Marked_Man – Fan Art

I play the Star Wars miniature game. So, I do a bit of customizing. I guess this counts as art. May not be the stuff of the Louvre, but it keeps me busy.

Gt-orphan – Fan Art


Can you name all the Sith Lords
(i did not draw the individual images, just put them together for a desktop wp)