Fleet Pass: SWTOR weekly roundup

Fleet Pass is a weekly review of the SWTOR community, a small and non-comprehensive collection of the funny, the insightful, the controversial and any other interesting picks found anywhere, but generally in the SWTOR Forums.  Have a suggestion?  Send it in to us with a source link if available, and the name you’d like to be credited with.

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Niamton – General Discussion

MMO Vets, What do you think?

I have played quite a few MMO’s over the years and I just wanted to throw my opinion out there and discuss any agreements or disagreements about swtor.

I have noticed a trend in MMO’s lately that didn’t start with this game, but is certainly prevalent. Solo-ability to cap and as quick as possible. At the rate i’m going I will probably hit my cap before I get charged for my first month. This is a double edged sword for me. Sure I like that I don’t HAVE to group to level up, and with this type of system the grind is almost eleminated. But for a subscription based service, I don’t know if I will spend the wow like amount of time at the endgame, grinding out the same raids, pvp, or dailies for new gear and such. One of my favorite mmo’s is EQ2 (and please this is an opinion, so lets not make this a discussion on how much SOE sucks), and, to me, the journey is as fun as the endgame. Subscribing to that game wasn’t a bother to me, because I felt like I was getting the most time out of my money. It would take months for even some hardcore players to get to cap (I am talking the early days, takes a lot less time now).

Lemon_King – General Discussion


[HOWTO – RAMDRIVE] Increasing SWTOR System Performance
Lets talk about increasing SWTOR Performance by working around Engine Bottlenecks!

Right now this focuses on placing DiskCacheArena and 2 buffer files DiskCacheStatic / DiskCacheStream on a RamDrive.
The increase in performance I’ve seen during my test for the past few days was quite nice, resolved 2 issues with the engine.

The First being a performance drop once DiskCacheArena starts becoming full where data needs to be flushed during gameplay, causing severe hitching* even on an SSD.
Second is for Static and Stream, simple buffers that work wonders in a RamDrive but will slow performance anytime they are on disk; the performance drop remains even if Arena is in a RamDrive.

Sehte – Flashpoints, Operations and Heroic Missions

Damage Meters
All bosses on Heroic and Nightmare have enrage timers, yet you provide no combat log, or damage meters? How does a raid leader evaluate the raid? Has there been a response to this that I couldn’t find or are they staying in the dark about this obvious miss?



Heliotrus – Story & Lore

The Sexism Hammer–Female NPC are Shallow, Vain and Subservient

Dec 20, 2011
My boyfriend convinced me to play this game with him. After the early access fiasco and now constantly getting kicked from the server I just don’t care anymore. Honestly it’s not worth it. Feel like I got robbed. By the way the story, cutscenes, and dialog make me want to puke. In my infinite wisdom I chose to play a male character but it’s just disgusting seeing how bioware thinks women are supposed to act

Plucked this off Metacritic, I’m a dude and I didn’t really see it until she mentioned it but the female characters are pretty much straight out of what you would see from old movies or old TV shows.

Totally agree with Jenny though. Bioware is going to have a hard sell with long-term female customers.


Duhakalock – General Discussion

Why would anyone want to turn off c2-n2?

He is always enthusiastic to make my living conditions the best they can be.



Submitted by Kaisa.

Balmuck – Fan Art