Fleet Pass: SWTOR weekly roundup

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Warning:  Article may or may not contain spoilers relating to SWTOR, or any of its variants.


GrimaIdi – PTS Forum

Juggernaut 1.2 Changes

With Full battlemaster gear, I only have 15600 HP. Furthermore, I have Saber Ward as my only real damage mitigation ability endemic to my class. A DPS geared and specd Juggernaut does not have high survivability, to be honest a DPS Mercenary has more HP. The AC merely offsets the HP differential. So for this conversation we should take the premise that a DPS Rage Juggernaut is indeed a DPS class and more importantly the most viable DPS Juggernaut spec in the game, and as it stands the Vengeance Tree past tier 2 is not viable for anyone truly seeking to be competitive in endgame PVP as a DPS class. The patch notes themselves confirm that.

I would wholeheartedly give up any buffs to my shockwave and crit timer to keep the reduced timers on Force Scream & Smash to maintain my viability in PVP.


Dmasterr – PvP

operatives and 1.2 (lolpatch)

The only thing they are good for is to jump on someone that is about half health with no stun breaker and is already engaged in fighting someone else and they get nerfed lmao.

Thing is, when those ppl die, all they can think of is “damn those pesky operatives” /spit.

Not only that i am the only operative(scoundrel) that i ever see in wz (not healer), i do get about a dozen /spit on me each game, just because of what i said above.

That being said, i will probably continue to be the only operative in the game(lol), ( im surprised they didnt just remove the class entirely) , but please …


p.s. the game revolves around warrior/guardian (both AC), and other classes better learn their place as support classes mmmk?


VertisReaper – PvP

1.2 Balance changes – Right direction

The 1.2 balance changes are definitely a step in the right direction, hitting all major items that were out of line. As much as people cry about it, 1.2 is much more balanced than it currently is on live.

Pyro burst was out of line – Addressed
Tracer rotation – Addressed
Rage Jugg burst too high – Addressed
Hybrid Sorcs – Addressed
Operative 2x opener cheese – Addressed
Merc Healing – Addressed

All in all these are positive changes, I really don’t understand why everyone is complaining about the fixing of things that were clearly broken and toxic to gameplay.


Busterbone – PvP

Why the proposed 1.2 Pyrotech changes are poorly thought out

This post aims to clear up a lot of the misinformation surrounding the proposed 1.2 changes to the Bounty Hunter Pyrotech specialization (and Trooper Assault Specialist). I believe the proposed changes are poorly designed, and in the following paragraphs I will do my best to explain why I have come to this conclusion. I’ve posted this in the PvP forums because the Pyrotech changes are largely due to PvP concerns.

(Very long, very informative, well thought out, and the discussion is good as well, Trooper/BH Players should read)


JTGS – PTS Forum

1.2 Sorc Nerfs

Well there goes hybrid chain lightning spec and awesome force regen for healers. Do you guys feel that either of those were needed? The 31 in lightning is kind of garbage because of how slow it is. And as for healing, should we now waste talents in reducing how much consumption takes from our health?

After testing it on the PTS, the changes arent that bad for healing. Consumption did need a fix and i feel what they did is fine. You have to be more aware when you go to use it, but no other class can regen at anymore moment like that without using a CD.

The force bending change will bring balance and will take getting use to. But it isnt class breaking and we will still do fine in raids. IMHO



xGBox – General Discussion

Hi, I have difficulty adapting and resent any kind of change that may or may not affect me. As a result of the release of the 1.2 patch notes, I am unsubscribing as we speak. However, I will continue to post on the official SWTOR forums despite not playing it and will inform other users that I’ve unsubscribed in every post.



(This is a preview of the legacy system in 1.2, especially useful for those without a Chp. 1 Complete Character)

Iwipe  – PTS Forum


Hey everyone, this is Dulfy from dulfy.net, I am very excited to give you the first preview of the legacy system in 1.2! I want to give a huge thank you to Petrus & Dread from <The Sundered Guard> on Warrior’s of the Shadow  server. They tirelessly powerleveled a bunch of characters on the PTS to gather the screenshots and information on the legacy system. Here you can see the “handsome” Petrus with his Taunta pet! (p.s. they are looking for a powertech tank for 1.2 content!)


Ravendax – Fan Art