Asia-Pacific Transfer Emails Start Flowing In

As promised, BioWare have started sending out the emails to those SWTOR players eligible for the free server transfers at the end of April.

The most interesting part is the confirmation of what won’t transfer across if you choose to change servers:

If you request a transfer, the following will not be moved as part of this request:

• Friends List

• Auction Items

• In-Game Mail

• Guild Membership

Nothing really surprising there as we already knew guild membership wouldn’t transfer and the other three things can be remedied by individual players prior to transfer.

If you had originally set up a US address but changed it to Australia prior to there 28tj February, you should still get the email – we’ve already had someone confirm they’ve received theirs under that scenario (thanks for letting us know Tim!)

Over to you: have you received your email yet?


  1. Athon Wilden says

    I have received it this morning, my address was set up to Australia. What’s interesting is that talking to some friends, some of them are changing they’re minds and considering to not transfer and keep playing with their alt! A new start down under, we could say! 🙂
    Do you have idea for how long will be opened the transfers window?

  2. I wouldn’t say these emails are anything useful, unless you had no idea transfers were going to occur. They are purely informational and are completely unrelated to the actual transfer itself.