SWTOR Free Server Transfers: ‘Late April’

UPDATE: 18th April 2012 – The actual transfer date and conditions have been announced.

The FAQ for the Asia-Specific launch has now been updated, and it clarifies to some extent when the free server transfers will occur.  The quote in full is:

Qualified players in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, or Singapore, will be offered one-time free character transfers to Asia Pacific servers for a limited time period in late April. No specific date has been confirmed at this time. We will be sending an email to all qualified players by early March with more details. Stay tuned to www.StarWarsTheOldRepublic.com for more information.

So for those hoping to transfer their primary toon in the next week or so, you have a bit of a wait yet. My guess is that the transfers may be part of a wider implementation of server transfers for the game as a whole. So I suppose you’ll just need to start levelling up an alt – I know I am.


  1. That’s pretty outrageous. Another unfortunate example of us finding out that we’ve been shafted at the very last moment. 
    It’s already hard enough trying to coordinate all my friends who are just starting or have been playing since launch. Now we’ll all be on different servers?

    • Yeah I have to confess that I’m not too happy to hear that instead of of the transfers occurring shortly after the launch of the oceanic server they’ll be happening months after.

  2. bioware has bi-polar… make up your mind… love us or hate us already

  3. Late April, seriously? I could have another 50 by then 😐

  4. I do feel sorry for all of you guys who have lvl50 toons to be transferred.

    However, for players like me, who are rolling their first char ever, its not a bad thing that transfers aren’t happening until April.

    It at least gives us a chance to level up and allows the server economy etc to start from an even footing, instead of creating a server with level 1’s and 50’s from day one and all the problems that come with that.

  5. ChrisMc_AU says

    Has anybody heard what is happening with Legacies?

  6. Not happy. 2-3 weeks is more than enough. 

  7. This attitude from Bioware/EA is frustratingly consistent. They seem to not grasp basic concepts of customer service. 

  8. ChrisMc_AU says

    Found this in a Stephen Reid post:

    “The Legacy system complicates the character transfer system considerably. We’re aware of the implications with transfers though and working to try and ensure the smoothest transition for those with Legacy levels.”

    So it isn’t because they want to control server population in some obscure way, they just haven’t finished sorting transfers out yet. And it looks like we will get Legacy transfers. 😀

  9. Roonerspism says

    I would not mind at all having to wait until late April if
    BW had been hinting it would be a lot sooner using terms like “soon after
    launch”. Any reasonable interpretation of “soon” cannot possibly extend to
    eight weeks after go live. Their behaviour on this could be construed as deliberately


    That also gives me cause to be very concerned about many of
    the other features they say are coming “soon”.


    All in all, an amateurish miss-step in managing a player
    base’s expectation and building brand loyalty.

    •  You’ve never played an SoE game then I suppose where “soon” means any time this freakin year. 

  10. I’m sure they had their reasons for doing things the way they have but since they made the announcement of Asia/Pacific Servers at the time they were getting ready to launch SWTOR to me it would have made more sense to do the following:
    1) They could have said that servers will be in Australia eventually and made a tab as they have now and labelled it Oceanic but those servers were housed in NA.
    2) When they had their Aussie Servers ready to go they would just need to say that the labelled servers would be down for extended maintenance for 12 or 24 hours and then copy all the toons from the labelled servers to the new live ones and switch them over.

    The above seems to be easier for them to have done and causes less frustration and of course gets around all those sticky issues like auction, mail and Legacy Points.

  11. My main concern is losing my toons names. I mean I’ve spent hundreds of hours levelling up my toon to make him look and play like I want him too, but the fact that someone else might take his name? The name I have used my entire gaming life (from way back in quake) is always taken on every server I have tried, but I finally managed to get it due to being one of the first to play swtor. But now the new Aussie servers have started up my name has been taken. what’s the go with that?