Suggestion Box: Oceanic Launch Locations

Another weekend of levelling coming up for most of us, but if you get a chance to drag yourself away from your companion for a few minutes, we’d love your thought on this week’s topic: Oceanic launch.

As you probably know, there’s going to be some sort of local shindig in March or April we believe. So: where should the launches be held in Australia and New Zealand? Name a city / venue / time, whatever catches your fancy.

Let’s be creative and you never know, maybe the folks at Bioware will agree to the nudey run launch through the CBD of Australia and New Zealand’s capitals. Over to you!


  1. Canberra, midnight the night before launch day.

  2. Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Perth (due to 3 hours behind the East Coast) should be where they launch.

  3. Alexhyslop says

    Hobart Too For us Tassie Players

  4. Thexxatomicxxant says

    Hold it in new Orleans , an old style city for the old republic ., and just think everyone can stay a day longer and party on bourbon street . Food is great as well ., and the jazz can create the same atmosphere as the cantina .

    • Not sure if Troll, or not clear on what ocean that Oceanic refers to.  Hint: Not the Atlantic.

  5. Brisbane better be on the list too, probably one of the City EB’s for large-scale access.

  6. Pro shan't says

    I would really love it of they did a launch at broadmeadows shopping center, Melbourne, Victoria it would be awesome for me since it’s not to far from my house and it’s a prime area for gamers in my area.