SWTOR: Australia and New Zealand launch confirmed!

It’s an understatement to say Australian and New Zealand players have had an early and significant Christmas present from Bioware, with the announcement of a likely March 2012 local launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The announcement came out of the blue on the SWTOR forums:

The text for the poor of eyesight:

We can confirm that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be launching in Australia and New Zealand in the spring of 2012.

Right now we are targeting March 1st, but that could change as our number one priority is making sure that customers have a great service to play on.

For those of you who may have already imported the game, we will be investigating solutions to allow you to continue to play on a local server once they come online in March.

EDIT: As pointed out, southern hemisphere seasons are reversed! When we say ‘Spring’ you can substitute ‘Q1/Q2 2012’. Apologies for that.

Some will say it’s too little too late, but my take it is shows Bioware have responded to the level of concern over the issue and are even talking local servers.We’ll have more on that in coming days.

Over to you: excited much?


  1. If the pings are good and it’s easy to transfer over you’re current characters on US servers, this’ll be absolutely fabulous!

    • Pings are already decent on US servers, and will be even better when they create an Oceanic server/s.

  2. I think your post didn’t highlight the most important aspect of this. Local servers.

    “We are planning on actual servers located in the area. The final location is being locked down, but when we say ‘local’ we don’t mean ‘in the US but with a label’.”

    Now there is the possibility that they site them in Singapore which for some ISP’s actually means a round trip via US….. looking at you OPTUS…….

    But for anyone even borderline interested in PVP this is a huge announcement, made even more so by the lack of auto attack in SWTOR. It will also make a noticeable difference to high end PVE raiding and possibly have implications in encounter design as the developers won’t have to design for high ping.

    • Id wait a year if it meant local servers in Australia. People that cry about having to wait 3 months for the official launch need to get a life. Most decent MMO’s have a 5-10 year life span, what is three months in the grand scheme of things.

      • You can get from cjs keys for 60 bucks aus

        • im in queensland, had the game delivered to me in central queenland on the 21st, 1 day after officail release, playing via moble broadband, and no lag, very well made game, very few bugs and will only be better when we have local servers in australia in march, played wow for 8 yrs and they still dont have local servers, so great job bioware, finally i think we have a WOW killer

  3. March?? Seriously??? 3 months after everyone else gets it??? GTFO

    How can they seriously expect the australian community to be happy with a 3 month wait?

    • Actually, March the 1st is less than a week over 2 months between the US and Australian release, although it’s still shit to have to wait that long.

    • Yes agreed, it is retarded. No need to rage, go buy it online from g2play.net for $45 AUD and they email you a jpg of the code instantly. No need to wait for the shipping to arrive. I bought it 5 mins ago and now installing.

  4. Jakob Gamertsfelder says

    How can it be an early Christmas present if we get it in March?

    Of the 6 gaming shops I went to today, one had an ad on the preorder shelves for SW TOR. All of them had Diablo 3, GTA 5, etc well covered on the preorder shelves.

    EA Australia is only good if you like buying Sims products. They will drown you in the bloody things.

    Bioware, please just sell the game online and to the world, not just one or two countries.

    • Hi Jakob – the announcement is the early Xmas present. The actual launch will be an early ANZAC Day or Easter Pressie – ok? 😉

    • Hey, I don’t know if this will help but I purchased SWTOR (standard edition) on Amazon lastnight and it should be here at my Australian doorstep in 6-7 days. That is the only workaround for the 3 month wait that I know of. It will cost you 59.95 USD for the game and between 15-26 USD for the shipping depending on whether you go for expedited or courier. I was more than happy to pay the $86 to get the game shipped to me in under a week rather than wait 3 months for a local release at a price I doubt will be that much more competitive than what I’ve paid. Sure I will have to play on US servers for now, but as the present article mentioned there is talk of a possible server transfer option for existing Australian players come the official AU/NZ release.

      • Hi Shaun, i have just received my SWTOR today. When I try to play it says no servers available. I am accessing the game from South Australia. Could you please confirm if yours is working fine?

        • I’m in South Australia and I have been playing since the pre release became available. I’m on a European server, the lag is terrible, but not unbearable. Can’t wait for the Australian Servers

          • I’ve been playing since the start of early release from Brisbane, having pre-ordered from Amazon (to give you an indication, I’ve got a 50 Jedi Sentinel, a 50 Jedi Sage, and a 37 Scoundrel). Ping is around 170-190ms on average, about the same as WoW, to west coast US servers. Have never had a problem with lag. It plays perfectly, but then I’m not a PvPer needing near-instant response..

  5. Wow reading a couple of he commenters below its just hard to please some people. I’m just wondering if it’s a response to the high ques in the unofficial oceanic servers. Would love to see an interview with bioware on this.

    • lol – hard to please?? At least rift, aion, wow, gw, coh etc etc ALL gave Australians the ability to purchase the game in Australia when they LAUNCHED (without having to resort to using US addresses and IPs), not 3 months later.

      Now you might be ok with that but I’m pissed off. I was really looking forward to playing but screwed if I’ll wait 3 months so everyone else has a huge advantage in gear, economy and levels.

      Local servers are ok but not worth waiting 3 months for. They should have allowed us to pre-order and purchase digitally so we could start with the rest of the world.

      • Oh do you need a hug?

        I’m Aussie and in game now. If you didn’t want to import like the rest of us that’s your problem. Should they have launched here at the same time? Would have been nice. But they didn’t. Be great full it’s coming here at all

        • MMOoutsider says

          your comment is so stupid why would it not come here lol if aion can make it here any mmo can

          • hang on a sec guys. i imported the game. it arrived yesterday in its shiny box. imports arrive on time. was it an inconvenience…. not really. as for my comment being stupid…. of course any mmo can come here moron. but lets think back some years…. star wars galaxies (which finally closed its doors) didn’t release in Australia until at least a couple of years after the initial launch. as for wow well didn’t it only get oceanic servers (still located in the states) some 18 months after launch… aion….hmmm wasn’t that game just shiny pixels…. i don’t many people that played much of it anyway

            now lets also consider the fact that say some countries in the world have only in the last couple of years or so received localised version of wow.

            I think we should be grateful we are getting a launch announcement this early after the initial territories.

            just remember guys at least we are getting the game locally where as other countries in the world are still missing out

            if you guys still think your getting the short end of the stick then obviously your spoilt brats

        • Importing is obviously a lot less convenient. It takes a long time, makes it more difficult to gift it (at least on time) and will generally cost more.

          Obviously the idea of local servers (for oceanic region) is all well and good, BUT having it released three months later then anyone else is a bit of a slap in the face no matter how you look at it.

          Wow never lagged for me and I have what would be considered a below par modem by gamers, and I played on the US servers.

          Three months for the overwhelming majority is a large factor in determining what MMO to play, a possible lag issue less so.

          I’ll order it online, but I can’t imagine Bioware are doing themselves any favors with people who try out new MMO’s or who were sitting on the fence about what to do.

          • Yea I paid 60 bucks from g2play … if people WANTED it, they had the option. I can understand being pissed off that they made it hard for us. But the certainly didnt block us from obtaining it easily.

          • Mine arrived in 4 days. That’s quicker than some interstate packages I get.

      • MMOoutsider says

        u agree

      • Lol, fucktard. I walked in to ebgames on thursday, and i walked out with a copy of SW:TOR. they are in our country all ready, maybe you would see this if you weren’t blind.

  6. I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favourite announcement on this website.

  7. yeah the sense of entitlement is amusing.

    Sure its disappointing they didn’t release here, but hey at least they didn’t geo block us.

    Bottom line, their game, their call.

    Your choice to play/pay or not, your call. But they don’t ‘owe’ us anything.

    Now if at release EA try to fleece us on exchange rates, that would be something to get upset with.

    • so your sense of entitlement to fair and equitable pricing is different how?

      • sorry just saw this reply.  To expand on the ‘fleece’ point it would be unfair if their margins were manifestly higher just because we are a different region.  OTOH of course the input costs could drive the price higher here if they operate this region autonomously from an accounting standpoint.  

        But by ‘fleece’ I meant unsupportable cost increases.

        But to specifically answer you question as to the difference between the two arguments…..

        Essentially they have no obligation to treat with us in the first place, but at the point that they do decide to treat with us I would expect fair treatment in relation to the other territories they are offering the product in.  ie: I stand by my original comment.

        Hope that answers your question.

  8. MMOoutsider says

    This is bullshit! im sorry but why should we have to wait longer i mean the first expansion pack will prob be out by the time we get it all this will do is make aussies look like a bunch of noobs!

    • yeh an expansion 3 months after launch….riiiiiiiiiight

      and you called my comment stupid

      • MMOoutsider says

        Really never heard of sarcasm lol and btw i still belive your comment to be stupid

        • your comment didnt see sarcastic, just a bit whiney. if you want the game buy it off Amazon UK, if you don’t wanna do that then you can just suffer in your jocks for the next 3 months.

  9. MMOoutsider says

    hit up ebay ppl $70 get your game in a week fuk origin

  10. Lol, funny how everyone is whining. If you want to play the game now then its simple. Order from Amazon get prioty shipping and it will be on your doorstep in 4 days!!! Thats what I did adn i am lovin it!! Quit your complaining you idiots and just go buy the game FFS and enjoy it.

    Also on another note – one of my best friends is high up in Oceanic EA foodchain and he has confirmed that EA’s top priority will be to facilitate character transfers tot he oceanic servers once they are up and running. Like he told me it is a no brainer as it is in their best interests to do so.

  11. @Ashamam, sure they dont owe us shit. But if companies are going to continue doing this sort of thing, it will only be a matter of time before it turns around and bites them in the ass.

    One of the best communities I ever played a game with was actually the Aussie RoM community. Ive played RS, DF, GA, MO, WoW and many others. I believe because the RoM guys supported us with a local server, we became loyal to them. Show us Aussies a bit of loyalty and committment and we will reciprocate 10 fold.

  12. I’m thinking, if enough people in Oceanic region import, the US servers will become too crowded for it to be worth playing at all. They should have held off until Oceanic servers were ready.

    • Your a retard. Playing on a Westcoast US server currently.
      Most servers are ‘standard’ with maybe a 3rd of them being ‘heavy/full’

      Worst ping 380ms, just imagine what it will be like when they have their own servers in Sydney.

  13. I think it’s unfortunate it wasn’t launching globally, yes. But if you were really determined, the path was publicised enough to order through Amazon. it was quick, and efficient and i received my hard copy on the 18th.

    Hearing that we are in line for local servers at least takes the edge out of that ‘perceived’ insult.

    And as for the argument that peeps will be at a disadvantage? Got news for you, there were 50’s running around on Harbinger on the 21st (one from Nemesis, an Aussie guild from mem)

    If people are concerned that their gaming experience will be spoiled based on other people having played for 3 months earlier? you’ve got bigger problems to worry about – nevermind the fact that it wouldn’t even be a relevant point 3 months after that.

    This comes down to embittered consumerism, and reacting to being told ‘no’

  14. Bad_Momentum says

    While initially annoyed that we didn’t get included in the world release, I soon realized that it only makes sense. Think about rift, wow, aion etc. I’m positive they would have been released months earlier if they release to USA/ EU before us. If Bioware wanted a proper worldwide release, in all likelihood TOR would have been released in march, next year. Maybe we’re not getting a late release but everyone else is getting an early one.
    Bioware not only has it’s first MMO on the line but millions of dollars not to mention man hours of dedicated designers hard work to try to guarantee a return on.
    It costs money to set up dedicated server farms in Australia. It only makes sense that Bioware would set up the larger markets first. It gives them a initial and immediate income to further pay for the game development and patching and also time to ensure that the oceanic servers are up and running properly before risking the expansion into our realm.
    I don’t doubt things will run smoothly for us once release time comes. Besides, they gave us the option to import unhindered and play anyhow. What’s it really matter? I have my copy arriving tomorrow and I couldn’t care less where it came from or which server I play on.
    The fact that I get to play TOR at all is just amazing for me and I appreciate that someone (a very MANY someone’s) have given me the opportunity to do so. I’ll be thankful for that. Merry Christmas 🙂

  15. On the up side, all the release bugs should be out of the system by the time it hits Australia. I got my copy via Amazon and it runs well (low settings) But I cant wait to get some mates together and play!

  16. How can anybody say that this is bad news? Local servers in March!

    Honestly, if you aren’t excited enough about the game to buy it for $60 from the US (it cost me $85 with priority shipping), then why are you spending your time on a TOR new site?

  17. They do realise that Spring in Australia and NZ is actually Q4? I’m hoping they mean Q2?

  18. Bad_Momentum says

    Got my copy today. Awesome as it’s the very first day of 3 weeks holiday tomorrow 🙂

  19. was gonna buy but fuck wating you just lost a customer

    • Im going to buy it in a month and get owned by max levels, Nice, actully what he said, YOU LOST A CUSTOMER

    • They have a million subcribers already so I don’t think they really care. plus, you will totally end up buying this……. there is no way you will want to miss out on the most EPIC Star Wars game ever and if you do then I guess that’s your loss mate 🙂

  20. but we can still play right? just on american servers with a lil lag

  21. Illegal downloading will be rife! Especially if punters In those regions are getting jacked by the exchange rates!

  22. Lol, i bought mine on Ebay Australia, and I played it 2 days before the release date, and im using US Server West Coast, and the good thing, i dont get any lag and dc.

  23. I was going to play this until GW2 came out.. not anymore.

  24. I have been playing since early access 13th of December and this game is so much WIN. I purchased on AMAZON UK and paid priority shipping (Total about $86) and the game got to me within 4 days – 1 day earlier than promised on the shipping terms.

    I hope they allow imports to Oceanic servers in March. I won’t mind too mcuh cos 150 pings to US West Coast servers allow effective PVP play but 50’s would be better! (I live in Perth so East coasters proly get better pings than me)

  25. boycott the game
    tell swtor if they snub australin then we will snub them
    dirty septic tanks [yanks] will have an advatage against australia in all arears pvp or game related
    tell them to go fuck themselvs

  26. I downloaded the game client and brought a legal cd key from cdkeys.com.au

    Sure I have to play on an American server, but there is nothing stopping you from playing

  27. BACKFLIPER69 says

    Hmm, 2 more months on WoW! 


  28. Olath_sanguine-da- says

    I ordered swtor from the EB games website and paid 73 dollars with express postage and got it the day after I ordered it

  29. SoundsSweet says

    I pre-ordered my copy from my local shop in november and recieved it just after start up, if you want a copy go on ebay was plenty of them on there in feb. Oceanic server well depends where it is I suppose if it is near or on aussie soil and If I can transfer my toons over Ill be there with bells on, All mmo’s are released months in advance from being release in Ocianic region (vinilla wow was 6 months , I know Rift I started to play one month after start up and was told by US friend been playing for 6 months live server) and just over 7 years of wow no oceanic server in oceania at all.

    over 10k posts on wow forums over the years and nothing well done bliz no listen to the fans so we all walk HAHA told ya we would. 2million left wow another 2 million just paying subs just in case they want to come back and counting dang that will hit the pocket so lets try pandas to get them back playing lol. (no rolls royce for them this year)

    All I can say is well done to SWTOR team fantastic game so a few months to wait until Oceanic starts up woooot im there lol hope to catch up with heaps of Aussies and Kiwi’s etc very soon in the wonderful realm of Oceania (HI Five all)

  30. I got my copy for 49$ and was playing that day, as I had launcher installed from beta. Cant wait for Aussie servers!!!


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