Oceanic Guild Spotlight: Reverence

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Reverence was launched early 2012 as an Oceanic Guild for Australians and New Zealanders. We launched on the Wall of Light Server however have the intention of expanding the guild onto several other servers in the future.

The guild’s leadership team are all experienced MMO gamers with previous guild leadership experience and an aligned vision for the guild’s future!

Reverence is a people focused guild created to provide an environment where members can interact, share knowledge and work together on quests.

Just 2 weeks after launch the guild has sky-rocketed to over 200 active members and growing fast with an average of 30 members online at any one time.

What sort of guild do you intend on being?

Reverence is a guild aimed at steady progression through to end-game content. We are a tight-knit team that enjoys challenging ourselves, and pushing the boundaries to meet our goals and objectives.

The guild is not one person, or the officers, but rather the team of members as a whole. Members should conduct themselves with maturity and respect both inside and outside of guild affairs, as the actions reflect on the entire guild.

Every member is important, and helps to shape the future of the guild, and its success.

Why did you choose to be a part of the Republic? 

After careful consideration we decided that your typical republic member in general seemed to be more active and mature than the Sith. In essence we wanted the core membership base to be experienced gamers who are regularly online. This gives us a better opportunity to deliver on our long-term goals.

You have one minute to convince someone they should be in your guild – what would you say to them?

Reverence offers a friendly and social environment for members to share items, group together and achieve common goals. Being involved in our guild provides a greater level of emersion in the game and will be particularly useful when players require assistance completing some of the more challenging quests.

We have a high caliber of mature members that are always willing to lend a hand and a great leadership structure to ensure our standards and values are maintained and the guild’s community reputation remains strong.

What are your predictions for the first 6 months of the guild’s existence post-launch?

Initially we intend on establishing a cohesive and tight-knit membership base providing our core members an opportunity to get to know each other through our Mumble server and website.

Once the core guild foundations have been established we want to share our experience with the wider community by developing video and audio resources stored on our website. These resources will be designed to assist new players or guilds work through the different elements of SWTOR gameplay.

Our intention is to establish a strong reputation in the wider community and stand out as a recognised guild, which attracts like-minded individuals from outside the servers in which the guild resides.