Oceanic Guild Spotlight: Not Steamboat

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Name of guild

Not Steamboat

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History of your guild’s name

NSB has been around since 2006 and was originally a WOW guild in which we became popular through multiple oceanic firsts and world top 20 kills in our prime.

SWTOR has become the chosen platform for NSB’s next chapter and many of our old school elite are back.

The name itself came about when a bunch of friends were going out for Chinese food. Upon entering the restaurant the waiter asked Yumchat (NSB founding member) if they would like steamboat or ala carte. Yumchat then replied with “Ahhhhhhh…… Not Steamboat”, to which we then laughed and decided to make a guild around it.

Cool story bro, but what does it mean? I’m not sure, maybe we wanted to be different; too many of today’s guilds base their guild names on some cool word or corny catch phrase which are generally quite boring and forgettable.

What sort of guild do you intend on being?

• Not a family guild
• Hardcore PvE focused (3-5 days a week)
• Players held to high standards in terms of skill, commitment and determination
• Operations run in a highly organized and time-efficient manner
• Small focused guild that focuses on quality over quantity

NSB is a hardcore PvE focused guild and our average member age is 25. We aim to be one of the stand-out guilds in oceanic progression..

We have high standards of all our members in terms of skill/commitment/gear and have a historically high member retention rate.

People who have been part of NSB hold the tag with honor as they know it wasn’t easy to earn. The road ahead is harsh but full of achievement. Bonds will form and you will soon notice the strong sense of camaraderie we have which gives us strength and presence.

Why did you choose to be a part of the Empire? 

It suits the personality of most of our guild members. However we will most likely switch to republic for a change if the game allows it at some point as we would prefer the difficulties of an under represented faction.

You have one minute to convince someone they should be in your guild – what would you say to them?

Right now is probably the best time to join NSB. Once we fill our roster, openings in the guild will be scarce.
Due to game limitations (no server transfers or faction transfers) we are recruiting from a restricted player base which means we are currently happy to take on less experienced players and build them up to an NSB level if they show potential in their application.
Additional RL skills such as web design, programming and mod-design are also a bonus.

• We push each other forward
• We drive one another to perfection
• The only excuse for failure is “I f****d up”
• We strictly follow a ‘no drama’ policy, any form of sabotage to the guild or operation is an instant gkick.
• We laugh and life-grip one another off cliffs.
• Raid times are currently 8pm-12am, Wed/Thurs and Sun/Mon.

If your mindset is similar to ours, I encourage you to send in an application for an opportunity to play amongst some of the best players in the oceanic community.

What are your predictions for the first 6 months of the guild’s existence post-launch?

We have been going through a lot of selection and recruitment and optimizing our roster over the last month or so. This has involved kicking players, recruiting players and getting some of our established members to re-roll classes. While all this has been going on we have been doing some ad-hoc 8 man raiding and have just recently started 16-mans on the 19th of January. Our primary focus will be 16-mans as there is and always will be more prestige in completing the larger raids. Currently we are just taking it easy and gearing up.

We will hopefully see a patch (In March I hope) which will have challenging end-game content that isn’t instantly farmable.


  1. Lilsprints says

    Hope your SWTOR members turn out to be better then your burning crusade WOW members, man there was some tools in the guild at that time.

  2. Lilsprints says

    Oh and i want more Sanctus drama, that was fun.

  3. as an ex-gigantor player i still admit that these guys were one of the hardest PvE groups out there…awesome players and awesome people…cant wait until they come republic 😛

  4. Are these the guys the same Not Steamboat that were exploiting Sunwell to get firsts? Yikes…

  5. Are these the guys the same Not Steamboat that were exploiting Sunwell to get firsts? Yikes…

  6. What did they exploit? Pretty sure they released first kill movies of every encounter with no exploits, so I think you may be misinformed?!?

  7. No firsts were ever exploited by NSB, sounds like someone is a little butthurt that they weren’t able to get any firsts 🙁

  8. No idea why there is a lot of hate for NSB – Have nothing but respect for their PvE achievements in both WoW and SWTOR. People who bad-mouth this established Oceanic guild are likely ill-informed or looking to cut down tall-poppies.