Oceanic Guild Spotlight: The Emperor’s Reach

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Name of guild

The Emperor’s Reach

Guild website


History of your guild’s name?

We wanted a name that could represent a possible elite and shadowy unit within the Sith Empire, similar to “The Emperor’s Hand” from Star Wars novels. We aren’t a role-playing guild, but the name is cool.

What sort of guild so you intend on being?

Mostly PVE based with a focus on endgame raiding. We welcome both regular raiders and people who may not necessarily be able to attend every raid such as shift workers. Adjustable raid difficulty means that we can tune the difficulty to the group, which will hopefully mean turning it to 11 for our main team. Experienced WoW raiders who are focused on optimising their class will provide guidance to others. We are a mature and friendly guild that does not tolerate harassment of other players.

Why did you choose to be a Sith guild?

As we will primarily be focussed on PvE, it will be nice to play against a faction of noobs for our organised PvP sessions.

You have one minute to convince someone they should be in your guild – what would you say to them?

Grownups with real lives and real commitments that enjoy working as a team to topple progressively more difficult content are welcome. If you enjoy a laugh on vent without hearing screaming rage children and like a group focus, come along.

What are your predictions for the first 6 months of the guild’s existence post-launch?

Different players will enjoy different playstyles and foci. I predict that we will have full clears of current content on lower difficulty levels and be progressing to harder difficulty levels. I also predict that we will have dedicated PvP players and even social players who contribute to the guild through sharing of crafted items and expertise.


  1. Unfortunately guilds are locked at the moment, I’ll post a comment when we know for sure which server we’ll be on.