Oceanic Guild Spotlight: Semi Serious Sith

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Name of guild

Semi Serious Sith

Guild website


History of your guild’s name

Some of the founding members are long time MMO friends, starting in Neverwinter Nights, then on to WoW where we stayed for many years with various side projects in to Rift and others. We brainstormed several names, had a vote, and this one was the winner as it best represented what we stand for.

What sort of guild do you intend on being

We are a friendly, relaxed and slightly crazy group of people that enjoy each other’s company and the unity and camaraderie that comes from playing a game we all enjoy together. We’ll start off quest grinding, enjoying the breadth of all levels and working towards one day conquering the Republic……..Muh Ha Ha

Why did you choose to be a part of the Empire?

Clearly the dark side is the fun side, who doesn’t want to be naughty and evil ?!!

You have one minute to convince someone they should be in your guild – what would you say to them?

We are a guild of 18+ friends and family who will play Star Wars The Old Republic to RELAX and have FUN. We understand that people live REAL lives and have priorities outside the game.

Remember when playing games was something you did for enjoyment?

If your previous MMO experience turned into a Job with constant pressure, instead of a Game where you can relax and chill with friendly like-minded people, and you want to get back to playing a game for recreation then look no further.

We are primarily an Oceanic Region Guild, based in Australia, however we do have members from all over the world, so please do not let your physical location dissuade you from applying.

What are your predictions for the first 6 months of the guild’s existence post-launch?

Normally by 6 months in a new MMO, we’ll have a bunch of us (old and new friends) max levelled and gearing up for end game content. We’ll have done a heap of stuff together already and have made some great new friends. We’ll have worked out various goals and have a bunch of master crafters, and have achieved various questing guild milestones along the way. There will have been lots of laughing and the normal trials & tribulations of a guild in a new game.


  1. Heather Palmer Johnson says

    Thanks for the Oceanic support Toroz, you rock! πŸ™‚

  2. Many thanks to the TOROZ crew our guild spotlight and their continued support of the Oceanic players of SWTOR.

    See you all in game!

  3. Just an update on the current status of Semi Serious Sith:

    We now have over 35 members in guild, and have had several new recruits as a direct result of the guild spotlight here on TOROZ.
    Our new members are awesome and fit in well with our guild philiosophy.

    We have several level 50’s in the guild and most members have several alt characters as well.

    Our thanks again go to David and TOROZ for supporting the Oceanic SWTOR community and for assisting us with growing our guild.