Copies of SWTOR hit Australian shores

I think this guy still has my copy of SWTOR

Christmas has come early for a bunch of Australian players, as copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic have arrived. Thanks to Amazon (likely under pressure from Bioware) shipping copies early, those who selected priority shipping have had their copies arrive.

We’ve had a couple of dozen confirmations via Twitter and email alone, including our own Mark Duncan, so there’s a few people around. If you didn’t select priority shipping, then you’re probably looking at a post-Xmas, post-grace period.

New Zealanders check in: I’m assuming some of you are the happy owners of a box copy now?

Add your delivery status in the comments below!

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  1. got mine 2day. so excited

  2. yes, just received mine today at lunch time. priority shipping. only SE though.

  3. didn’t manage mine today.. but can confirm i will be able to grab it from the post office tomorrow. Being in a rural area is what has caused me to suffer for another day :(.

  4. Just got my CE and also my standard edition that I ordered on a separate delivery as a backup plan ( yea I’m a paranoid fanboy ). Still doesn’t feel like a waste of money… IT’S FREAKIN SWTOR!

  5. CE arrived after paying for International Priority Courier shipping. Please be warned if you ordered via Amazon though: (Unless you have specifically requested otherwise) The delivery agents in Oz have been given authority to leave your package at the door without signature. Fine for some who have peeps at home during the day but mine was left at my door, on my front porch and vulnerable to the rain.
    Thankfully, no damage occurred.

    Kudos to Amazon on fast delivery but please advise your delivery agents that a signature is required for items like this.

  6. Living in Newcastle, got mine yesterday (19/12). Mate of mine who lives in Auckland, NZ said he should get his today (It was already in Auckland when he checked it’s progress yesterday). Yay!

  7. My CE arrived this morning, about 5 minutes before the servers went down.
    It’s great that they got them here early, and eventually came out with a short grace period; pity we had to through all the grief to get to an outcome that should never have been put in doubt.

  8. Mine arrived yesterday πŸ™‚

  9. That is great news for Oz (& NZ)! Unfortunately, while I could excuse paying for shipping on top of my CE, I could not afford to go further and pay for priority shipping. So I will still have a long wait ahead of me.

    But to all those that have their copies, congrats & enjoy! To Bioware, well done. I didn’t think it possible at this stage, but you just restored a chunk of my faith in you and what you say.

  10. Copies received in Auckland, New Zealand, yesterday and today, in *plenty* of time for the official launch, without having to resort to the grace period πŸ™‚

  11. Got it yesterday, loaded and ready!

  12. I as well got mine yesterday,just waiting on servers to come back up πŸ™‚

  13. Josh_gorst2 says

    GOT MY COPY Today xD

  14. 2 copies on priority shipping, roommate got his yesterday, no luck today for me.

  15. has anyone actually been able to play?

    • I don’t know of anyone that hasn’t been able to play aside from queue issues. I know of hundreds of Aussies successfully playing both during early access and now post-launch.

    • Yeah, i played mine 2 days before the release date, and I bought mine in Ebay Australia, im using US West Coast Server, theres no lag and dc.

  16. waiting for mine now

  17. Did not arrive on expected date of the 30th now I have to wait until the 2nd at least before I can play. Very Annoying as friends are now serveral levels infront. Will be hard to catch them. At least I did get 7 days play with pre-launch play. Yet now it will be 12 days that I cannot play.

  18. my dad doesnt like buying online so i have to wait 2 more fucking months befor i can play:(