Amazon ships SWTOR pre-orders earlier: partial Oceanic joy

Over the past 48 hours, since this update by Amazon, there’s been some excitement that box copies of SWTOR will be in our hot little hands a little earlier. The updates to order status on Amazon have flowed through and it seems the news is very good if you live in the US, with a much lesser glimmer of hope for those of us at this end of the world.

I pre-ordered on the 21st July and my estimated shipping date was the 21st December with a delivery date estimate of up to the 13th January. Now, my ship date is the 19th, with a worst-case delivery date of the 12th January. So at worst I’ve gained a day and possibly a little more. It’s not going to be a huge consolation to people wanting continuous access from the current early access period, but it’s an improvement at least if you’ve ordered via Amazon.

If you’re having a copy shipped to an address in the US, then the delivery date I was quoted is the 16th December so you’ll have no issue with access if someone’s going to email you the code etc.

Over to you: does this help you at all or is it too little too late?


  1. yep my order now says arriving dec 21 to dec 30 🙂

  2. Ordered mine 2 days ago (Late FTW!). Estimate shipping time is Monday 19th, with eta 21st – 27th Dec. Thats with priority shipping to Melb, Aus.

    But honestly, i dont think ill get it until mid Jan…

  3. Yeah, shipping one or two days earlier still means all our copies will be late. But maybe not SO late. 🙂

  4. I’m still not sure why they can’t ship International orders until 19th December (20th AEDST) but considering we are in the Red Zone release wise, I guess it could be worse

    • Amazon update. Status changed to shipped at 6:48am today AEDST with an estimated delivery of 21 December 2011. With the grace period, I should just scrape in. Check your orders folks

  5. Kind of hoping they ship before 19th. It is an estimate, so they can do it earlier. But 19th is still better than 21st so there is some hope of getting it before Christmas

  6. I paid for priority shipping and with the scrapping of the grace period I think it would be a good idea for everyone to upgrade their shipping.

  7. Yup im a Aussie as well just canned my Order with Amazon due to lack of service. I am in a few of the posts on the Amazon page linked. I just got my cd key though a cd key shop and entered it now i might miss the EGA but on the 20th i can play and not have to pray the box comes.

  8. The game charge from Amazon just appeared on my credit card and my order status is now ‘Shipping Soon’. So hopefully they are sending them tomorrow. tbh, I’ll be happy if i can have my hands on the game before the Xmas weekend. 🙂

  9. Chickmagnet970 says

    question! will there or will there not be an oceanic server or something for us ausies at the time of launch??

  10. Went for the Digital Download version from the Origin store, no need to wait for any physical box. Much easier!

  11. 23000astriod says

    mine was shipped today 2!!! Yippee

  12. I say f**k Bioware… I’ve been waiting for this for years and with not even a local release date yet (when I can walk into JB, slap down my hard earned dollars and walk out with a retail copy) they can jam it.
    I’m going to go play some Skyrim. 😀

  13. got my copy from amazon today


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