Upcoming SWTOR stress test: Oceanic invites?

It’s been an interesting few days since the announcement that there’ll be a large weekend game access to stress test the servers. Since that time we’ve had dozens of enquiries as to whether any oceanic players had received invites.

The short answer is that we’re not aware of anyone who has. BUT – Bioware’s own Stephen Reid has again said today, in response to a New Zealand player’s query on Oceanic invites, that if you signed up for game testing you will get an invite:

So if you haven’t received an invite, don’t be panicking quite yet. And be sure we’ll be reporting once the invites start flowing in.


  1. I have been in Friends and Family beta I must say I am a little scared that I never seen much or heard much about testing any of the end game stuff…no illum no operations very scared so few days away!


  1. […] for game testing before the 11th November, you’ll be getting an email invite – and yes that includes oceanic players. Otherwise, try for a free code from one of these third-party […]