Beta Testing: for everyone!

Yes, Christmas has come early for any SWTOR players that want a taste of the game before its launch on the 20th December. Bioware have announced that:

Well, for starters we are happy to announce that anyone who has signed up for our Game Testing Program prior to today, November 11th, will get invited! Invites will be sent in the coming weeks.

I’m pretty safe in saying close to 100% of you that are reading this have signed up for game testing so you will all have the opportunity to take part. If you haven’t signed up, you also can try for some beta access codes from a bunch of gaming websites.

No date is confirmed as yet except that it’ll be before the end of the month: so clear that pre-Christmas social calendar!


  1. great news, just wish I’d signed up for more than two accounts so I could get more than one friend in there with me

  2. Any Australians get an email confirming their place in future testing?

    • Antony Binns says

      I’m in New Zealand and haven’t got my email yet (09:00 Sunday 13th) I have sent a request in to the SWTOR support team asking if the emails are still being sent. I will update here when (if) I get a response.

    • I got nothing here in AU at 9pm Sunday night.

      • Antony Binns says

        Monday 14th @ 14:00 – still nothing and still no reply from SWTOR support desk.

        Anyone else in the Oceanic zone got their email yet?

        • Antony Binns says

          Wednesday 16th @ 15:00 and still no email. I have got the “change your password” email so I know my address is good.
          Also no reply from SWTOR support either πŸ™

          • Yeah just get a code from massively and put it onto your account, I haven’t received any beta related emails since 2008 lol.

            Max from NZ

  3. Has anyone received an invitation?


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