Oceanic Guild Spotlight: KOALA

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History of your guild’s name?

Back when KOALA was first formed in SWG (a brief yet guild-shattering bout of lunacy erupted in MPGM’s leadership, leading to 99% of the guild being /kicked for reasons unknown, and thus inheriting most of the remnants of the original Aussie/NZ player base from ASIO and AuS) the name stood for “Coalition of Aussie Players”. Given the name, it was evident to everyone around that we were an Aussie (and NZer) guild filled with awesome people, though in other games we’ve sometimes gone by other names, such as “Drop Bears of Bria” and “KSF” (KOALA Special Forces).However, we have always come back to this name due to what it signifies in our history.

What sort of guild so you intend on being?

Casual, a mix of everything but we’ll be on a PvP server.

Why did you choose to be a Republic guild?

The main reason is because most of the classes that the guild members wanted to play fell on the Republic side of things. Most of us will be trying a lot of the classes from both sides and welcome anyone that is keen to do the same on the Sith side to say hi. We’ll be more than happy to help out…but no spying!

You have one minute to convince someone they should be in your guild – what would you say to them?

We are very welcoming and very relaxed guild, with no strict playing rules or structures, but sometimes you need to have a thick skin with us. Jokes are a-plenty and if you have no sense of humour or take things way too seriously, then this guild isn’t for you.

If you are a knob, this guild isn’t for you either. We welcome any type of gamer into this guild as long you don’t bring the group into disrepute. We have been known on servers as the guild that everyone likes to play with/against as we are always up for the fight and, at the same time, respectful and very helpful. We have built this reputation over many games and many servers and expect anyone that is a part of this group to continue to build this reputation. If you like what you hear and feel you would fit in with our group then the door is open, come and introduce yourself to us. And face it, why wouldn’t you want to be a feral drop bear?

What are your predictions for the first 6 months of the guild’s existence post-launch?

Depending on the success of the game, we are expecting huge things from the guild in SWTOR. We’re not the type of guild that makes a big point of who we are on a server but we are well respected within all communities that we are involved in. We expect this to continue and to hopefully get our ranks to a level where we will remain constantly active and have a visible presence within the community as much as possible….without ruining people’s real lives with stupid hardcore rules.


  1. Kernwal Burton says

    oh i sort of remember what happened in the MPGM breakup (i was an officer after all)…was over the usual something stupid….guild politics…gotta love em