Oceanic SWTOR beta invites are rolling in

Just a quick note to say that we’ve had a number of oceanic players email / phone us to confirm they’ve received beta invites for Star Wars: The Old Republic. As you can imagine, they are pretty damn excited.

So, if you were cynical about oceanic players getting more widespread beta access, then maybe it’s time for a Force-induced attitude adjustment!

UPDATE: Some great comments pointing out that invitees may have registered their SWTOR account under a US address – we’ve confirmed with one invitee that that was indeed the case.

[Picture courtesy of Walk Sydney Streets]


  1. Are these invites off their primary Oceanic SWTOR accounts or secondary US based accounts? I have guild mates in testing but all are using US accounts. Would love it confirmed that genuine Aussie/Kiwi accounts were invited.

    • Yeah, definitely interested in knowing the answer to this one…

      • Me too. I know two people who’ve got into beta testing this weekend, and both are using US addresses.

        I’m guessing they’re not going to invite any red-zoner so soon after they let the Europeans in, who’ve been delayed getting into any kind of testing for one reason or another.

        No matter what, 10 weeks until launch, so maybe 9 weeks until Early Access. Not long now!

        • A guild member of mine got in for this weekend, though he said he’s signed up with a yank address – very curious as to whether others are the same or not.

    • robert Malpass says

      I’ve just received invite and only have australian account with SWTOR.

  2. Well, guess who just signed up with a new account on SWTOR.com specifying a US address. See if it works…

  3. I know an Aussie in, but he’s listed as US (was originally Aus, but changed).