Enter the Warzones: Voidstar, Huttball and Alderaan

Another weekend, another piece of juicy SWTOR information released by Bioware. This week it’s all about PvP combat. Warzones are the areas designated for PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic and Bioware had previously given out plenty of information on one of the Warzones, Huttball. They’ve now released information on a further two Warzones: Voidstar (a derelict Imperial Battle Cruiser) and Alderaan (that planet you might have heard about before).

There are video clips showcasing Voidstar, Alderaan and the previously announced Huttball here. Or check the Alderaan one out right now:

For what it’s worth I remain extremely impressed with the Warzone gameplay that I’ve seen – it’s an area a lot of players may not have a huge amount to do with, but Bioware have implemented the Warzones in a way that I believe will maximise the number of people actually involved in PvP. That can only be a good thing for the game.

Over to you: what’s your favourite Warzone so far, and is it a form of gameplay you’ll get heavily into?


  1. Hanging out for Huttball. I can see future WCG gaming competitions having events around this one. Maybe even Huttball leagues?