Huttball and PAX 2011: Bring ‘Em On

This week Star Wars: The Old Republic released an update on the newest addition to the PvP game modes lineup, Huttball. Huttball is played by two teams put together at random, meaning each team can have both Republic and Empire faction players.

The only reason mixed teams are possible is the fact that Huttball is exclusive to Nar Shaddaa, the smuggler’s moon. The game looks to be very similar to a single flag capture-the-flag match in most games. Huttball is played in an arena filled with deadly fires, poisons, and traps. So you’re not just worried about death from an opposing team, but also from the arena itself. The arena also contains power-ups such as speed boosts and Jump-Pads allowing you to leap from level to level.

Once a team has the Huttball you can pass to your teammates but, be careful as your throw can be intercepted. If the player holding the Huttball is killed, the ball does not reset or drop – the player who killed the ball holder now has control of the Huttball.

The video Bioware put up today is a great montage of combat and gameplay from Huttball. Be sure that you watch the video hereon SWTOR’s official site to see all the action.

Bioware also announced they will be attending, with Lucas Arts, PAX 2011:

Throughout the weekend of PAX those who visit us at Booth 914 will be able to play through content from each of the four Origin Worlds. Attendees will also have the opportunity to get some experience with Player-vs-Player combat in the Alderaan Warzone, where Republic and Imperial teams clash in an effort to control and hold three different points on the battlefield.


They’ll also be hosting Panel starting at 2pm on Saturday August 28th where fans will be able to see all the new reveals and have a Community Q&A session with the minds behind SWTOR. Also at the panel Bioware will be showing some gameplay from Eternity Vault, a high level Operation taking place on Belsavis.


  1. No mixed teams, as Stephen Reid clarified on Twitter:

    “Morning. Huttball clarification – you cannot have mixed factions on the same team. You can have the same faction fight on opposing teams.”

    “So Republic v Republic, Empire v Empire, Republic v Empire – yes in Huttball. Empire & Republic on same team? No.”!/Rockjaw/status/104799163790786560!/Rockjaw/status/104799800821690368

  2. Ugh are you still following this anti-australian game? Sellout. Scab.

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        • I tell you what – how about you worry about what you play and I’ll worry about what I do 😉

  3. The game will eventually get here. Complaining about it doesn’t help. The latest addition sounds awesome.