Flash Point 12: We Are Still Available In Your Region

A huge episode discussing the pre-order and the fact all of Oceania, Asia and South America (and parts of Europe) has not been included. We’re really pleased to have guest co-host Mark Duncan, an Aussie SWTOR guild master on board as well!

Points of discussion:

– SWTOR pre-order and impact on the half of the world not included (including some mentions of petitions and Facebook protests on the issue)
– Captain America film review
– The Space Shuttle – end of an era!
– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Oceanic Guild listing, and Twitter account.

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  1. It sounds to me like anyone that has a SWTOR pre-order in Australia are in the same boat as people that have paid Mitsubishi Australia a deposit for a Triton ute!

    Mitsubishi don’t know when they are gonna deliver it.

    Yet, like EA and Bioware’s Stephen Reid you find Mitsubishi being just as evasive in what exactly is going on and still advertising for sales.

    Come the new ice age, as Jack Hall has been warning, the northern hemisphere, especially the Yanks are gonna be damn peeved when the border gates are closed at Mexico!

    Like us in Australia waiting for SWTOR and Tritons!

  2. evilbastard says

    Sign this, get awareness of this out everywhere you can.

  3. nice work.. first one of your podcast i have watched and i must say i wont be missing any others.

  4. I agree with the general lack of coverage about the SWTOR delayed release issue.

    I thought it would be a great thing for rant sites and bloggers to discuss, but no one in the US seems much interested, and EA Bioware aren’t talking about it either…..

    • The US is mostly wondering if they are going to have a COUNTRY next month. And they are happy as clams that THEY will get the game before anyone else,like most. So why the hell should they care?

      Its not like it is THEIR problem, now is it? Its the rest of the world that is getting the nice, wide, unlubricated shaft. And yes, Canada is included in that…

  5. Well, some (kind of) good news about IP blocking at least:

    @Rockjaw Stephen Reid – On region locking: right now things are unchanged, anyone can play #SWTOR from anywhere in the world on any server, but latency may affect.

    The ‘right now’ part still concerns me a little.

    • I was just about to post that myself Jason. That is some good news. If latency becomes a real issue we could look for WoWTunnels or the like.

  6. The following was added to the Valorous forums from our member Krackers:

    A quick tweet from Stephen Reid:

    “On region locking: right now things are unchanged, anyone can play #SWTOR from anywhere in the world on any server, but latency may affect.”

    Seems if we got our pre-orders, we can play. Yay for us

    The thing that still worries me is the “Right now things are unchanged” part of it.. They’re planning to change it?

    • Kalenath says

      I hope not… Sheesh I hope not. The ONLY reason I could see for doing something like that would be gold/credit farming or spamming bots.