Star Wars Galaxies: users try to go legal

An interesting story over at VentureBeat on a cohort of remaining Star Wars Galaxies have considered legal action in a final attempt to prevent the December 2011 shutdown of the game.

As the article says, it’s a futile attempt given they’ve all signed a EULA that protects Sony Online Entertainment pretty solidly, but it certainly shows the passion of the players still involved with the game.

Others like our own Ed are pleased to see the demise of the game after its controversial change in tack. If you’re really keen, Ed gives his take in detail in our most recent podcast.

Over to you: do you care about the issue or is it just another old game biting the dust?


  1. If you never played it and all you are is a critic of video games, STFU. You don’t play!

    • I have played it (albeit only a short period of time – cpl months) and it is (was) a deficient game in comparison to many other MMO’s both large and small. It has had its time. Now its time to go bye bye.
      However even if I hadnt played the game…never saw all the multitude of things it was lacking, watched the change in tact with the combat upgrade that turned it into a truly sorry game, I would have as much right to criticize it as those who want to cram a forum board full of their protests, those same who are now angry because SOE wont let them voice their opinions on the SOE owned board. Hmm irony.
      And by the way the attempt to get it to stay open (the game SWG) is futile and useless. You realize its not really SOE thats pulling the plug, but LucasArts? LA has always retained the full operation rights to the IP and Name, Material and all things Star Wars. SOE has a contract to use those names and materials that LucasArts OWNS. That contract runs out in 2012 and LA has told them it is not renewing it on their end. Thats it for SOE..they have no recourse, they cant make it F2P, with an item mall to generate revenue. That revenue is the key. Again..LA OWNS ALL THINGS STARWARS. If you make a profit or any money from it, you have to have LA’s permission.
      There are Emulaters to the crappy game out there. You can play to your hearts content for as long as you want till the cows come home and leave again, provided someone else decides to keep their PRIVATELY owne server going..oh and to make no money ever from it.
      No amount of petitions or legal action vs SOE can ever make or allow them to keep SWG open. Get a grip peeps.
      Now say bye bye and come to the modern age of MMO’s with the rest of us. SWTOR is around the corner..embrace it, love it, live it….or not, but say farewell to SWG..may it rest in piece.

    • Kalenath says

      I played it shortly after launch. I liked it. SOE shoved a knife in the back of all the fans and LIED about it.

      Corporations will do what corporations will do. Money IS the be all an end all to them. It has to be.

      But that DOES NOT excuse lying to the playerbase , deleting what for some of them was two years worth of hard virtual work overnight and then saying ‘Put up or STFU’. Which is what SOE did.

      It was NOT a great game. It was a good game, no more, no less. It had a great community. What SOE did obliterated the community in a single swift stroke.

      They lied to us, told us our opinions mattered and then dropped about half of what we considered to be the few redeeming qualities of the game in the need to bring in younger gamers. Then they told us to deal with it.

      WE told THEM to shove it. OUR SWG died in 2005.

      People played the game since then. Some people have enjoyed it since then. They are going through NOW what we went through six years ago. At least SOE had the BALLS to actually TELL people this time.