Sith Sunday – SWTOR in the news

hutta One of our regular features will be a roundup of SWTOR news from around the world that doesn’t make it to separate stories during the week. The first few are likely to be sparse as I’ll avoid linking to the same story subject, but as more information comes to light, this weekly segment could get pretty extensive. If you believe you’ve got something newsworthy to share, drop us a line.

Onto the inaugural instalment:

1. Over on the official SWTOR forums, they’ve made some changes to the Guild forums. Also. don’t forget we’re looking to create a list of Aussie SWTOR guilds.

2. Also on the forums, here’s a great list of suggested character creation traits. What, no option to select nose hairs or not? (Thanks to Darth Hater for the heads-up).

3. Mos Eisley Radio has Episode 3 of its podcast available.

4. Friday’s official developer blog covers the Smuggler class in quite a bit of detail. There’s a sentence in the blog that for me opens up a whole new area of Star Wars Fan Fiction:

Nobody successfully flirts with Jedi Knight

If that’s not the perfect premise for a whole range of Jedi romance books, nothing is.

5. The latest instalment of the SWTOR webcomic is now available.