Oceanic SWTOR guilds list

Any MMOG worth its salt has guilds, and SWTOR isn’t going to be any different. We’d like to provide a list of Australian and New Zealand guilds recruiting, and we’ll provide a specific space for that. To get started, go here to see what information we need and then contact us.

Please provide the following details:

1. Guild name

2. Website URL if applicable

3. Type of guild (social, hard-core etc)

4. Faction: Republic, Sith etc

We’ll add your info to the overall listing, which will be published when there’s a handful of guilds listed. So jump in and let’s get things started!


  1. A Perfect Circle


    casual PVE raiding


  2. Overwhelming Threat says

    1. Overwhelming Threat
    2. http://www.overwhelmingthreat.com/
    3. Hardcore PVP, casual PVE
    4. Faction: Sith

  3. Thingymawotzit says

    1. Kangaroos With Frickin Lighsabers (KWFL)
    2. kwfl.com.au (soon to be updated/split from eve online)
    3. Social. RL Mates and friends of friends
    4. Empire

  4. 1. Reverence
    2. http://www.reverence.co
    3. Laid Back and Friendly PVE and PVP guild
    4. Republic Faction

  5. Chunkylover6369 says

    1. the highwaymen
    2. TBA
    3. social, lvling.


  6. 1)  Formidable

    2) http://formidable-wa.guildlaunch.com

    3) PvE – levelling, raiding, social , WA based

    4) Republic on the Jekk Jekk Tar server

  7. 1) Demacia

    2) http://demacia.sithportal.com

    3) PvE – leveling, raiding, social

    4) Empire

  8. 1.the Jedi order


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