The Secret World 1.6.2 Full Patch Notes

TSW 1.6.2 Patch NotesThe full 1.6.2 Patch Notes for you, enjoy!



  • A new Lair encounter has been added! Some intrepid Secret Worlders have found a way to open a portal to the Eidolon of the Outer Dark’s dwelling place! You’ll want to gather 10 of your bravest and send them through to see what they find. Signs are pointing to a strange wreckage around Kingsmouth being the weakest thread between our realities.


  • Using the Reconstructor won’t show the dialog popup on other players’ clients anymore.
  • Opening the character sheet will no longer cause a clothing item to be previewed.
  • Renamed a crate in the Polaris to “Orochi crate”.
  • Fixed a stuck location in The City Before Us instance.
  • Fixed the snake’s sound effects during the mission cinematic for Old Gods, New Tricks.
  • Kingdom counters from Signet of the Kingdom will now have a description when viewed.
  • When earning multiple tokens would take a character over the token cap, the server previously rejected the entire award. Instead, the character now earns exactly enough tokens to reach the cap.
  • Signet of Thinis will now build ranged resources on your hostile target, even when using a purely friendly targeted heal.
  • Removed Mayan K’in from the wallet GUI.
  • Resolved an issue that would leave players with a black screen after repeatedly using the Hellevator in Hell Eternal.
  • Fixed an issue with hat items being removed when equipping certain uniforms.
  • The Envoy of Ca’ d’Oro now sells another item.
  • Fixed the cause of a server crash.
  • Fixed several exploits in PvP, Lairs and Dungeons.


  • Reduced the cast time of Win-Win to 0.5 seconds (was 1 second).
  • Increased the radius of Win-Win to 15 meters (was 5 meters).
  • Increased the max number of targets affected by Win-Win to 5 (was 3).



  • Floater – Mission will now complete when the drone reaches the end of the escort even if player is still on “Defend the drone” goal.

The Scorched Desert

  • The Last Train to Cairo mission icon will now show below Mean Streets’ mission icon.
  • The Last Train to Cairo: You can now re-enter the train segment even if you are disconnected during the intro cutscene.
  • Added louder sound effects while outside of the train in The Last Train to Cairo mission instance.
  • Players should no longer be prevented from reentering Sol Glorificus 329AD if they camp during certain phases of ‘A Time to Every Purpose’ tier two.
  • The City Before Us – Door to Old al-Meryah tunnels will take player to the tunnels instead of Thinis if player is on goal to “Recover the ark”.
  • Burying the Ark in ‘The City Before Us’ now provides team credit.
  • The Last Train to Cairo – Fixed an issue where your weapon was visually missing after the first boss cutscene on the train.
  • King of the Hill – Mummies no longer get stuck in terrain.

City of the Sun God

  • The Binding – The Hollow spear will be removed from player’s inventory when pausing the mission, and the papyrus, hollow shaft, and sharp point will be removed from player’s inventory when picking up the hollow spear again if they already exist.


  • Fixed an issue where the minigame score was not properly updated when joining a minigame late.
  • Stonehenge will once again have a wave respawn.