The Secret World 1.1.1 Patch Notes

The TSW servers are up and version 1.1.1 of TSW is now live. The patch notes are reproduced in full for you below.

There’s plenty of fixes plus a new anti-aliasing option if you have a NVIDIA Kelper (600) series of GPU. For the rest of us there’s hopefully now an even more fun game – or at least one with a bunch less bugs.



With this update we have enabled TXAA, and The Secret World is the first game in the world to support this anti-aliasing technique! This requires the newest NVIDIA Kelper (600) series of GPU. To enable TXAA in the video options of the game select “TXAA 2x” or “TXAA 4x” as your anti-aliasing under the video options of the game. These drivers are schedueled to go out of beta (WHQL) around the 13th of August.



Solomon Island


Kingsmouth Town

  • The Pick-Up: The mission can now be paused and resumed again later at the correct tier where it was left
  • The Orochi Scientists now fight back


The Savage Coast

  • Carter Unleashed: Carter will no longer be seen running straight through the ladder and the wall at the end of the mission
  • Carter Unleashed: NPC Familiars found in the basement of the academy are now hanging from the hooks instead of floating in thin air
  • The Black House: The pentagram will disappear when the player solves the puzzle


Blue Mountain

  • Funeral Crashers: Fixed an issue that prevented players from resuming their mission if it was paused on tier 5/5
  • Funeral Crashers: Added a journal entry for tier 5 of the mission
  • Dawning of an Endless Night: Fixed an issue that could cause players to be stuck on tier 15/18 when activating the wards in The Blue Mountain and disconnecting



The Scorched Desert

  • The Last Legion: The Mission now properly resets when a player disconnects during the fight
  • The Last Legion: Players going in PvP while doing the mission will no longer block the mission for other players
  • The Last Legion: The Orb of Aten is no longer an interactive object after starting “Defeat the Legion”
  • From Below: Dr Shirui and Experiment SB118 are now spawned correctly


City of the Sun God

  • Halls of Lost Records – Tier 5: The Nodes of Mystical Energy inside the Chamber of Satis will no longer enter an infinite cooldown
  • The 3rd Age: Players can no longer interact with the sarcophagus before they have assembled the key, as intended
  • The 3rd Age: The first goal will now only update if you get the Strange Metal Clockwork Key in your inventory
  • Using the Altar of binding will now update the goal and will no longer cause the altar to become uninteractable
  • Black Sun, Red Sand: The mission now has a mission description



Besieged Farmlands

  • The Summoning – The Plague: The bosses and mobs now always drop loot when defeated


The Shadowy Forest

  • The Drăculeşti – Tier 4: Players must now pick up the explosives and detonators individually so that they may receive the items correctly
  • The Drăculeşti – Tier 4: When you interact with a placed explosive, you will now receive a message indicating it has already been used



Hell Raised

  • Nightmare: We have determined that mobs in Hell Raised Nightmare had an unnaturally high Defence Rating. This caused a frustrating number of glances, even for superbly-equipped players who had mastered the dungeon. Though the Hit Rating requirements of this dungeon remain high, we’ve adjusted them down to be more in line with the difficulty of gearing for the other Nightmare modes
  • The Master Planner achievement now enforces the proper requirements of never changing your build, as intended


Hell Fallen

  • When he summons the second Machine Tyrant, the first machine Tyrant no longer remains active (unless in Nightmare mode)
  • If players are killed before Wicker’s explosion kills them during the Ascendants encounter, a duplicate Wicker which leads the boss and/or adds outside the encounter location should no longer spawn
  • After defeating the Ascendants during the last fight, the lootbag dropped can now be opened immediately


Hell Eternal

  • Infernal Overwatch’s summon spell “Klaxon Call” can no longer be interrupted
  • Eblis’s loot should no longer drop in inaccessible locations


Soviet Fort

  • Halina Ilyushin should no longer cast Spite whenever she feels like it. She should also stay in her arena, as the program intended


The Facility

  • Lasers will stop doing damage when they are no longer visibly hitting the player


The Ankh

  • The damage from the Orochi Dead Ops encounter has been toned down
  • Nightmare: After walking in and out of the Filth in the dungeon, the Filth Undertow effect no longer remains on the player
  • Nightmare: The Dimensional Reaper summoned by Doctor Klein is no longer invisible


Darkness War

  • Wayeb-Xul encounter: Bomb Mayans are no longer running towards the player and they will now always explode at 0 health



Fusang Project

  • The “Capture a Facility” mission should again give the correct amount of Black and White Marks of Venice



  • Fists: Turn the Tables and The Scarlet Arts will now build counters on Hot Iron
  • Blades: Mobs with Resistances should no longer resist the DoT effect applied by Sling Blade
  • Hammers: Passive abilities that proc on critical hits will now affect Hell to Pay
  • Blood Magic: Particles are now shown correctly instead of orange and green squares



  • The Charged Ward Generator can no longer be traded, as intended
  • The items acquired during King of the Hill will no longer affect the Monsters outside its intended location
  • Fixed some clipping issues with hats and hair
  • When purchasing the “Friend of the Darkness” title from the item shop, you will now also get the correct title



  • The notes received during the mission “Crime and Punishment” – Tier 1 will no longer display black squares instead of letters



  • London: Entering Tabula Rasa will no longer leave the character in the middle of empty space
  • Agartha: Fixed an issue with a Gatekeeper spell that could not be avoided by players
  • New cabals can again be created normally
  • The Nightmare achievements for Master Planner (Ankh and Hell Fallen) are now visible in the achievements window
  • The achievement “Corvophobia – The Poe (chase away 50 flocks of ravens)” should now update correctly
  • Attacking the shield/barrier of a boss or mob will now correctly generate hate
  • Lairs and region bosses will now automatically be locked to the player/group that summoned the boss