TERA: Significant Layoffs

Layoffs are never good things, and it’s no different with the announcement by En Masse Entertainment that they’ve had to “let go of some of the great talent”.

Like BioWare with SWTOR, the announcement is wrapped up in a lot of PR-speak on how TERA has been a great launch, that there are “awesome game updates’ on the way, and that the commitment to the game remains absolute.

This response on the TERA forums rang some big bells for me in regards to another MMO or two:

So what the [filtered] is going on in EME? How about some transparency? Your community managers are important to us. In case you haven’t noticed they are the face of the company. I was hoping that you guys could do this right. Instead we see you pulling the same [filtered] head moves that NCSoft pulled previously.

So who does this leave for our interface to EME/BHS? The marketing VP?

So when do we go F2P? You have set off alarm bells here, as the only logical time to go F2P is before a big expansion.

How about you skip the bull [filtered] corporate circle jerk. Knock this back online to its original side bar and run it up the flag pole. Ping your VP of Greasing up the plebs and tell him that this low hanging fruit is starting to shrivel. Air out the laundry circle the wagons get the ball rolling with some traction and tell us what your plans are before we get out of dodge.

Can you understand that at least?

Condolences to those who have lost their jobs.

To TERA players – how are you finding the game? It it a keeper for you?