SWTOR Video News: the 400K Drop Issue

Asher has backed up with an extra episode of his video news, dedicating an episode to the issue of SWTOR’s 400K drop in subscribers.

He makes some interesting points, some I agree with and others I don’t – which is what makes discussing any MMO fun! I too like the point on higher population servers increasing the chance of people getting their friends involved in the game.

Have a look for yourself:

What do YOU think?

SWTOR subscribers drop 400K

EA have released their financial results for Jan-March 2012, including the disclosure that as at the end of March, there were 1.3 million subscribers. That’s a substantial drop from the 1.7 million peak a month after launch, but still a significant number.

Some will interpret the decline as a big negative, and to some extent it is, but there are some other facts that need to be taken into account:

1. The 1.3 million subscriber number is before 1.2 was released

2. There hadn’t been the Asia-Pacific server transfers or the remainder of Europe and the Middle East launch.

3. It’s a new MMO – sure the numbers dropped but I’m guessing a significant proportion were the hardcore MMO fans who check out everything new then move on if it’s not their thing.

So my guess is those numbers have increased again – maybe not by much but I’d be betting on a solid and stable subscriber base. Of course it’d be nice if there was a little more transparency on the numbers but that’s an issue across most MMOs.

Over to you: do I have my rose-coloured glasses on? What’s your take on the current level of subscriber numbers?