Seeker Droid Quest on Voss: Still Glitched


Welcome to Glitch Swamp

For those SWTOR players trying to complete the Seeker Droid quest line, I’m afraid you may be in for some disappointment. I’ve been slowly working through the quests and had gotten up to ‘Where Madness Takes Root’.

Voss is the location and it’s just another case of using your seeker droid to capture a rage seed. The only trouble is, in this location your seeker droid doesn’t work. When you enter the area it will tell you your seeker droid detects something, but after a few seconds say it no longer doesn’t. If you activate your seeker droid before that notification, it starts the seeking process but doesn’t progress.

Given this, I lodged a ticket (after searching the net and finding this is a common issue) and got the following response from BioWare support:


So basically – if you experience this issue you can’t complete the quest line. There’s no fix in the works and nor is there an ETA on when there will be. Frustrated much?

UPDATE: As of Game Update 2.8 this issue is now resolved. Yay!