An Interview with a Poster: Setie

For this week’s piece I am interviewing a regular at the TOR forums.

She has been posting in the forums there since October of 2008, a month before I started. She has seen great acts of fan fiction and roleplaying come to pass, and also some not-so-great acts go belly up. She has been a frequent collaborator, conspirator and sneaky plot-writing helper of mine.

We don’t know her real name of course, and it is probably a good thing. She has all the subtlety of a boot to the head when she gets steamed. But we know her and we love her! Everyone give it up for the Darth Mama, Setie herself!

Edward: Hello Setie, I have a few questions for you today, if you don’t mind.

Setie: Oh no you evil fiend, whatever will I do… 😛

Edward: 😀 In general terms, Setie, what are you in real life?

Setie: I’m a homemaker with a 3 (almost 4) year-old and now a 2 month old.

Edward: O.o Wow… You are busy then. How long have you been doing RP and fanfiction in online forums?

Setie: RPing I’ve only been doing about a year or two in forum form.   Before that it was tabletop and LARPing.  So I had something of an idea of what I was doing.  Fanfiction writing I’ve been doing about ten years.

Edward: What got you started in writing fanfictions?

Setie: Fanfictions I was always coming up with.  I’d spot holes in the plots of games I’d play and then I’d just go, “Well this could happen…” The writing then spawned the RPing.  I use RP forums to sharpen the pen so to speak.  If I’m struggling with a character and just not understanding them, I can put them in an RP and slowly it’ll shed light on how the character works.

Edward: What drew you to TOR in the first place?

Setie: Besides the fact that KoTOR was awesome and I played it some 20 million times?  Or that I grew up watching the original triology and loved it so?  That prequel junk needs to die in a fire by the way.  Plainly put, it’s Star Wars.  Even better, it’s a wide open time of Star Wars where anything could happen and you had plenty of heroes and villains to boot.  The tales of such a time;  be they of mercs, Jedi, Sith, or folks in between, needed telling.

Edward: What do you think is the most rewarding thing in writing fan fictions?

Setie: Telling an awesome story.  If you’re in a role play that clicks with good people, posts will be flying and usually that’s a good thing.  Some of the stories written by people are just awesome to read.  You can tell they had a blast writing it usually too from how it’s done.

Edward: What do you think could be improved in fan fictions?

Setie: The attitudes of some people.  I’m not sure what it is but there are folks out there that seem to think of role playing as a game they must win.  They don’t understand the idea of telling a good story, they just want to be the alpha dog who is the biggest and baddest person.  Quite honestly I do not understand these types of players.  I personally love making weak and broken characters.  It leaves tons of room for growth then having some character that is perfect and can stop traffic with their bare hands.  Remember kids, being a badass does not mean never taking a hit, it means taking a hit and then getting back up.

Edward: What do you think is the best writing you have done?

Setie: Honestly, I don’t think any of my best is out there yet.  It’s all stuck in the novel I’m writing or trying to.  I have various really good spots of writing in various roleplays and fanfics but my best is reserved for the novel.

Edward: Good for you, do you plan on getting it published someday?

Setie: We’ll see. First things first.  I have to finish it.

Edward: Indeed. Well, this is a question some people are likely to ask. What kind of character will you play when TOR comes out?

Setie: All of them of course and likely multiples of them if what Bioware says is true.  I’m a story addict so I’d want to know all the different stories out here.

Edward: Why am I not surprised at that?

Setie: Because you know me and have seen my spectrum of characters, none of them are alike.

Edward: Is there anything you might want to say to New Zealanders or Australians who read this blog?

Setie: I want to visit there someday.

Edward: So do I. Well, thank you for your time.

Setie has posted a number of fanfics and roleplays on the SWTOR forums. She is a frequent and respected poster, both for her insights and her biting wit on occasion.

At the moment, she is working on several story lines, most having to do with her main character Setsuna Andal and the machinations that surround her. We will likely be seeing a lot of Miss Andal in the near future. Waiting in the shadows are some dark forces that wish her powers under their own control. Of course, there are other beings who wish to see Setsuna free from manipulation and will not take kindly to people trying to hurt her. The stage is set for a battle royal for the soul and sanity of a young woman, tune in at the community to find out what happens.

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