Soloing Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare on a Level 100 Mage

World_of_WarcraftAhh Ulduar, you’re one of those iconic raids that I’ve spent more time in than most. Now that I’m getting a little sick of doing Garrison quests I thought I’d go back and knock over some of the Ulduar quests I haven’t got yet.

As a Mage (ilvl 670) there’s still some fun challenges to be had. One of which is the Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare achievement. It requires you to have 25 Dark Rune Guardian Dwarves killed by Razorscale’s flame breath. I found as a mage the only tricky part was keeping the Guardians alive whilst preventing them killing your NPC allies who fixed the turrets.

After a few tries (I just hit invisibility when I wanted to try again), I worked out the quickest strategy, This was done for the 10-player version of the achievement:

1. Start the encounter.

2. Let all the Guardians, Sentinels and Watchers spawn and kill the NPCs. The first two turrents will be up before they are all killed, but don’t use the turrets yet.

3. Run around picking up all the adds as they keep spawning. The Watchers and Sentinels can be killed with any non-AOE effects of you want to thin the herd a little. You can safely run around for 3-4 minutes or more and still be at 100% health if you use stuff like Ice Barrier.

4. Once you’ve got a whole bunch of Guardians pounding on you, you need to get their health down so that Razorscale’s breath kills them on the first go (because remember all the friendly NPCs are dead so you get one go with the turrets only). After some trial and error I found using Frost Nova on the group twice got the Guardians down to around 8-10%.

5. Hit the turrets and wait for Razorscale to be grounded.

6. Position you and the mob of adds pounding on you in from of Razorscale and wait for Flame Breath.

7. Hit Invisibility and rinse and repeat if you didn’t get all 25 on the first go.

Frost and Arcane Mages may have different abilities than Frost Nova to achieve the reduction in health to under 10%, plus it’ll also depend on gear level. Obviously other classes could take this approach as well though a class with a decent taunt can probably do it more simply than described above.

Hope this helps you do what can be a bit of a frustrating achievement.