The politics of Star Wars: The Old Republic

It’s fair to say that politics is pretty central to the whole Star Wars timeline, and SWTOR is most likely going to take that to a new level. Hell, the machinations within each faction is enough to create plenty of intrigue, let alone to open conflicts and the uncertainties the independent factions will create.

Aside from the very rich vein of political intrigue within SWTOR itself, you can expect reams of mashup machinimas utilising SWTOR dialogue and video to create pieces reflecting current events. It’s a well-worn path, but SWTOR is likely to breathe some new life into political commentary, and more importantly to most of us, political satire. How will people resist casting Barack Obama, Sarah Palin or pretty much any politician worldwide as SWTOR combatants?

One thing is certain: we’ll be covering the best SWTOR machinima as it’s created, so stay tuned. In the meantime, do you see the ripe pickings for political satire in SWTOR? Got any predictions for who will get the most attention?