SWTOR 1.3.2 Patch Notes

The maintenance is over and lo and behold, we have SWTOR 1.3.2. The full patch notes for you below, enjoy!

1.3.2 Patch Notes



  • The new free trial allows anyone to create a Star Wars: The Old Republic account and play up to level 15 free of charge with no time limit.

Classes and Combat


      • Stat bonuses derived from buffs that increase attributes and ratings are now always correctly removed when the buff expires.

Bounty Hunter

          • Target Tracking: Unload now correctly benefits from this skill’s critical damage bonus.


        • Deadly Cannon: Full Auto now correctly benefits from this skill’s critical damage bonus.

Flashpoints and Operations

Lost Island

    • Players now receive Social Points during Dr. Lorrick’s conversation.

Group Finder

  • Characters no longer rarely become stuck in an empty group. Characters previously affected by this issue will find it resolved upon logging back in.
  • Players are now informed that pressing the “Update Roles” button is required in order to change current roles in the group.
  • Groups formed by the Group Finder now properly handle the dismissal of Companion Characters.
  • Groups formed for Planetary Destinations no longer see a “Travel” dialog when clicking the Group Finder button.
  • Players no longer see an “Invalid Group” state after changing roles when queued inside an active phase.
  • The “Leave Queue” button now displays a tooltip describing why the button can only be pressed by the group leader.
  • Corrected a rare issue that could allow characters under level 10 to open the Group Finder.
  • Players who have obtained initial Flashpoint missions (generally to travel to the Fleet and speak to Satele or Malgus, who will grant the mission to complete the Flashpoint) will notice these missions are now completed when the player is granted (whether by the Group Finder or by sharing) the mission to complete the Flashpoint.
  • The “Queue Group” button is no longer enabled if a group leaves the queue to find a replacement while in an active phase.
  • The role icon and name now match correctly on the Vote Kick window for players who are being kicked.
  • Players can no longer press the “Update Roles” button repeatedly on the “Invalid Group” dialog. This could cause several flytext messages to be displayed to other players.
  • Players now receive an error when attempting to invite players manually as replacements for a Group Finder group.
  • The role selection window now closes automatically when a replacement player is found.
  • If players manually enter a Flashpoint or Operation they are queued for, they can no longer use the Group Finder button.



    • Ratings now update correctly on items when their armoring mod has been removed.
    • Equipping a relic that has an “on-use” ability now triggers the relic’s ability cooldown.
    • Players can now receive the Kurtob Alliance Speeder via in-game mail by referring a friend that subscribes to the game.


    • The Improved Speeder Piloting II and III Perks no longer require the purchase of previous ranks.
    • The tooltip for the Improved and Advanced Field Repair Droid now displays the correct cooldown.
    • The Legacy UI no longer incorrectly informs players that they have completed the requirements for certain Perks that they are not yet eligible to purchase.

Missions and NPCs


          • Hypermatter Directive: Players no longer receive an in-game mail with Hypermatter supplies after completing this mission.



        • The Warzone invitation window is now removed if a player is queued for a group unranked Warzone while an invitation to a solo Warzone they were previously queued for is active.
        • The Resolve bar now properly displays when a player is PvP-flagged and refreshes the UI outside of a Warzone.


          • Characters are now immediately defeated if they attempt to enter the enemy team’s protected spawn area.



        • The button that allows players to purchase additional cargo bay slots no longer occasionally becomes unresponsive.
        • Players can now bind the “Acquire Focus Target’s Target” to a key of their choice.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

    • An issue that could cause the sky on Corellia to appear black and prevented some visual effects on the Republic Fleet from displaying with bloom enabled has been corrected.