SWTOR 1.2.6 Patch Notes

The servers are up, and they reveal the latest patch, 1.2.6. It’s a fairly small patch this time, but browse on below for the details:

1.2.6 Patch Notes


Companion Characters


    • Companion Characters no longer appear headless when wearing certain headgear.

Flashpoints and Operations


Explosive Conflict
      • The optional chest before the minefield encounter can now be looted again.

Missions and NPCs


      • Class mission items now drop from appropriate enemies even if a groupmate deals the killing blow.
      • Audio for cinematics no longer begins before the cinematic starts. The UI is now hidden before a conversation begins (instead of after it starts).


      • The mission “Primary Target” will be automatically completed for players who finished The Dark Hollow without completing Primary Target first. Turning in The Dark Hollow first could make Primary Target impossible to complete. It is no longer possible to start The Dark Hollow before turning in Primary Target.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • The Fleet shuttles to Coruscant and Dromund Kaas now properly update several class mission travel steps that they previously did not.