SWTOR Game Update 1.2 Patch Notes: Missions and NPCs

Phew, we told you there was lots of detail! Onto Missions and NPCs:

Missions and NPCs


  • Many minor mission bugs have been fixed. Some respawn timers have been adjusted, group credit for mission objectives is granted in more missions, more enemies appear in some instances where too few were available, and many other minor adjustments have been made to improve the experience while completing missions. Not all of these minor adjustments have received an individual note.
  • Some missions that have received updates (fixes for map notes, Story Areas, and some text fixes) have been reset. Players are only affected if a mission they had in progress has been changed in this way.
  • Usable mission items can now be activated from the tracked mission log that appears on the right side of the screen.
  • The chances for one player to win the majority of rolls in Multiplayer Conversations have been diminished.
  • Many missions that were missing mission completion or codex images have been updated to include the correct image.
  • Several missions that require the player to defeat a specific enemy NPC have been updated. In affected missions, the player can now interact with an object in the world to spawn the target (instead of needing to wait for a respawn).
  • Several missions that had missing paraphrase dialogue options have been updated to include the missing text.
  • Corrected many instances where text and voiceovers did not match.
  • Corrected instances in the French and German clients where subtitles for alien dialogue progressed too quickly.
  • Many instances where players could unintentionally leave Story Areas for missions have been corrected.
  • Map notes for a large number of missions have been updated and are now more accurate, and many missing map notes have been added.
  • Several bonus missions that previously were not removed from the mission tracker are now removed at the appropriate time.
  • Corrected many mission conversations and mission-related items that could be re-initiated or re-used.
  • Troopers now receive the Item Modification tutorial correctly.
  • Fleet Passes are now rewarded to players that complete Chapter 1 and 2 of their class story, and new quick travel items are available as rewards for Inquisitors, Agents, Consulars, and Troopers, who must travel to the Citadel, Jedi Council, or Senate at the end of these Chapters.

World Missions


  • Dark Science: The correct follow-up mail is now sent for the light side choice in this mission.

Ord Mantell

  • Clearing the Air: Players in groups can now join the first conversation via Holocall.


  • Automatic Maintenance: Rogue Disposal Droids now engage players in combat correctly.

Nar Shaddaa

  • Back Alley: Corrected an issue that prevented players from receiving credit for fighting waves of enemies.
  • Dead Drop: The Flame’s assassin now spawns upon destroying the dead agent’s corpse.
  • Extermination: This mission now correctly recognizes past player choices.
  • Sending a Message: Exchange X4-Z2 Battle Droids now apply to this bonus mission’s kill count.

Taris (Imperial)

  • No Escape: Killing Thana Vesh with Force Push now properly defeats her.
  • The Siege of Olaris: The droid associated with this mission’s objective now consistently exits his cage after being activated.

Taris (Republic)

  • Chasing History: Corrected an issue that prevented players from starting the cinematic at the fourth cairn while in a group.

Balmorra (Imperial)

  • Flight Plan: An issue that could prevent the player from interacting with the shuttle controls has been corrected.
  • Step Lightly: This mission can now be abandoned.

Balmorra (Republic)

  • The Hunt for Lord Tharsis: The stages of this mission that take place in the Heroic area are now correctly labeled and are balanced for 4-player groups.
  • Trash to Treasure: Multiple bosses no longer spawn if players simultaneously activate the input panels or master controls.


  • A Spy in House Organa: An issue that could cause this mission to become blocked has been corrected.I was trying to do just that from here, since they’re behind me, but it’s way better with Ben explaining it now.
  • The Fall of House Cortess: If the player sides with House Cortess, the attacking Killiks no longer despawn and end the fight prematurely.


  • Geonosian War: Players now receive proper credit for completing the final stage of this mission while in a group.
  • Pre-Emptive Strike: This mission no longer resets if a player uses stealth.
  • Timely Arrival: The Czerka Records Terminal can now be used by all members of a group.


  • Old Enemies, Lights Out, Open Communications, The Stasis Generator: These missions are now Heroic 2+ instead of Heroic 4. Their rewards are unchanged.
  • NPCs related to Belsavis daily missions are now level 50.
  • Esh-kha Containment: Players who complete “Key to the Vaults” before completing this mission can now complete it properly.
  • Lights Out: A mission step to defeat Field Commander Anhur has been added to this mission.
  • Riot on Belsavis: Players who completed “Terror in the Flesh” can now proceed past the conversation with Commander Calum.
  • Unintended Consequences: The Malfunctioning Guardian Droids now drop all 3 types of components for this mission.


  • Into the Crosshairs: Players affected by a bug that allowed them to complete this mission without receiving “Primary Target” can now speak to Pevthak-Fra and receive the latter mission to continue the Voss Republic storyline.


  • Unlikely Allies: Players can now complete this mission if they reset it.


  • Corsec Crackdown: This mission now progresses properly if a group member was not in combat when the other members of the group were defeated after using the Comm Array.
  • Jaggalors on the Loose: Companion affection is now applied correctly during this mission.
  • Prison Busting: Turrets no longer despawn completely from the world.


  • A New Order: Repair Droids no longer repair shield generators even though they have been defeated.
  • Cutting the Cord: Players are now credited with the correct amount of kills even if out of line of sight.
  • Defend the Shipment: Corrected an issue that caused an interactive object to become unusable for 2 minutes if it was used in combat.
  • Pilot Down: The Door Release now correctly starts its cinematic.
  • Sabotage: Corrected an issue that could cause this mission to become blocked.

Class Missions

Jedi Knight

  • A Hero’s Rest: Players can now use the Republic Fleet option on the Tython shuttle to travel there while on this mission.
  • Guided by the Force: Sith Harrowers now animate properly during combat.
  • Desert Duel: Players can no longer block mission progression by knocking Lord Praven off the cliff.
  • Doomsday: The chest attached to the bonus puzzle for this mission is now lootable upon solving the puzzle. Additionally, if the player is defeated near the forcefield doorway, they no longer become stuck due to reviving on the other side of the forcefield.
  • The Defector: This mission can now be acquired via the Holoterminal for Jedi Knights who completed the Taris and Nar Shaddaa class missions without receiving it.

Sith Warrior

  • Pendant of Bone: Corrected an issue that prevented some players from getting credit for defeating the Gormak Warmaster.
  • Request an Audience: This mission now correctly recognizes past player choices.
  • Seek Answers: Players on this mission now see the appropriate loading screen text.
  • The Padawan Exposed: Additional light and dark side point opportunities are now available in this mission. This mission also now correctly recognizes past player choices.
  • The Transponder Station: The player’s companion is now knocked out for the boss fight as depicted in the cinematic, and the fight has been rebalanced to take this into account. Additionally, an issue that could cause players to become stuck in the elevator has been corrected.

Jedi Consular

  • Chaos and Harmony: An issue that could make it more difficult than intended to save the final boss has been addressed.
  • Looking Out for the Little Guy: This mission no longer grants commendations for the wrong planet.
  • New Horizons: This conversation now takes place in person instead of on the ship Holoterminal.
  • The Summit: This mission’s Holoterminal conversation no longer hangs indefinitely.

Sith Inquisitor

  • A Map for the Future: Players can no longer become blocked on this mission if they dismiss Khem Val before clicking on the debris wall.
  • Legacy: Players are informed that Khem Val is required for this mission if the Inquisitor on the mission is in a group.
  • The Dark Council: This mission now grants light and dark side points correctly.
  • Visions and Visionaries: Players now receive dark or light side point rewards for this mission correctly.


  • Beast Mastery: Players who romanced Azalie now see the correct conversation upon returning to the Smuggler Hangar.
  • Brotherhood: Players can no longer become stuck in this mission’s phase if they leave it by entering a Warzone, logging out, or crashing.
  • Illusions: Players can now complete this mission if they were previously unable to re-enter the phase after leaving.
  • Landing Party: Players can no longer defeat ambushers before instructed.
  • Modest Proposals: Ivory now only appears on the player’s ship if they chose to recruit him on Belsavis.

Imperial Agent

  • Defender of the Empire: Line of sight issues when engaging ‘The Eagle’ on the bridge of his ship have been resolved.
  • Epoch of Fear: This mission’s boss no longer experiences line of sight issues.
  • Heist: SCORPIO is now summoned immediately as a guest companion at the appropriate time.
  • Hero of the People: Players in a group can no longer become stuck in the phased area for this mission of the Agent in the group leaves first.
  • The Assassin’s Fortress: Players who are defeated on this mission are now revived at the Outpost Zaroshe medcenter.
  • The Star Chamber: It is no longer possible to explore the entire Star Chamber before the “Gather Information on the Star Cabal” step.
  • Subverting Karrels Jarvis: Light side points are now awarded at a different time in this mission.


  • Battle of the Gauntlet: Corrected an issue that caused the bridges crossing the Gauntlet to retract unexpectedly and kill players. Players can now return to the Gauntlet before completing the mission without having to reset it.
  • Catching Up: Players now correctly receive a mission item from Jaxo in the mail.
  • Inconspicuous Valor: Party members can no longer plant the explosives and prevent mission progression. This mission now updates correctly when taking the shuttle from the Republic Fleet to Coruscant.
  • Power Play: Players no longer remain stuck inside the phase if they log out in the phase after completing the step “Speak to Senator Evran.”
  • Public Relations: This mission now recognizes if the chamber is sealed before the step to seal it is acquired.
  • Rescue Operation: The CL-A1 transfer coil is now correctly counted as a mission item.
  • Return to Duty: Prellon Garn now becomes stunned during the escort (instead of dying). Prellon is also now present for the step “Escort Prellon to Safety.”
  • Revenge Served Cold: The Thul Cryo Dragoon is now responsive in combat.
  • Stay Frosty: Players on The Shadow Fist mission will find it has been reset. This mission no longer remains in the mission log if it is not completed.
  • Suppression of Hostilities: The count for bonus objectives now updates correctly.

Bounty Hunter

  • A Dangerous Auction: Players no longer receive an incorrect post-mission mail.
  • A Failure to Communicate: Players can no longer summon a companion devoted to guarding the area’s entrance or advance further into the phase before progressing necessary mission steps.
  • A Thousand Pardons: Zale Barrows can no longer be knocked into the lava, preventing mission progression.
  • Digging His Own Grave: Players can now progress this mission without waiting for the phase to reset if they answer their class holocall outside the story area.
  • Finale: The final boss has been adjusted from level 48 to level 50 to provide the intended challenge level.
  • Hail the Conquering Hero: Corrected an issue that could cause this mission to become blocked on the step “Speak to Crysta Markon.”
  • Honor or Glory: Corrected an issue that caused some dialogue options to be hidden.
  • Imperial Bounty: This mission can now be reset if the player was unable to complete it.
  • Number One with a Bullet: Corrected an issue that prevented some Bounty Hunters from seeing the correct loading screen text after completing this mission. A crash that could occur when speaking to Darth Tormen has been fixed.
  • No Strings Attached: Corrected an issue that caused NPCs to vanish unexpectedly after a fight. For players who were in progress on this mission, the mission’s progress has been reset.
  • Some People Just Need Killing: The class story boss associated with this mission is now level 50.
  • Target Rich Environment: This mission can now be abandoned.
  • The Heart of Darkness: Players now receive credit for this mission if they travel to Dromund Kaas via the shuttle in the Imperial Fleet.
  • The Spirit of Vengeance: corrected an issue that could cause players returning to this area to become stuck in the air.
  • To Walk in Dark Places: Torian no longer remains with the player if they exit the phase after he joins for the mission.


  • Strong and Elite humanoid enemies no longer throw grenades at or use Headshot on targets in cover.
  • Master Marksmen on Hoth no longer instantly knock the player back after being attacked with Leap or Charge abilities.
  • Republic Troopers and Officers protecting core Republic interests on Hoth are now properly trained to defend against level 50 players.
  • The World Boss Gargath on Hoth now drops level 50 loot.
  • Some enemies and NPCs that were previously invisible can now be seen again.
  • Many NPCs that were positioned incorrectly or played inappropriate animations have been corrected.
  • Many groups of enemy NPCs that previously evaded in combat or pathed incorrectly have been adjusted.
  • The Sticky Grenade debuff now appears correctly when used by enemy NPCs.
  • Grand Chief Keshk now always drops at least a Premium item.
  • Several vendors and other NPCs that had missing or incorrect voice have been updated.
  • A rather dangerous Wampa specimen has been observed on Highmount Ridge on Hoth.