Announcing: iPad and iPhone application for Star Wars The Old Republic News

Over the past two months that our free TOROZ Reader app has been available, we’ve been rapt at the level of interest it’s created. Every day a handful of people at least have downloaded the application so they have a simple way of browsing SWTOR news. Over that time we’ve been working on a Pro version and we’re pleased to introduce it today.

What are differences between the two versions?

You can read all about both the free and Pro versions here, but essentially the Pro version looks a little different, is iPad native and contains a wider variety of feeds including more general Star Wars topics.

How much does it cost?

US 99c / AU$1.19 – of which we get 70%, which will be used to expand the site’s coverage and to pay our writers. We believe it’s a small amount to pay to support independent writing on SWTOR 😉

Does this mean the free version won’t be updated?

Not at all: we’re fully committed to both versions but we need to generate some revenue to ensure we can afford to keep improving both apps!

So it’s over to you – if you’re after a simple but effective SWTOR news browser, then get installing! As always, if you have a SWTOR site you’d like added to the app – let us know.