Star Wars Memorabilia: Drool Here

Having just spent two weeks in the superb country of New Zealand, I was rather pleased to have Star Wars ‘intrude’ on my break in a rather large way.  On New Zealand’s South island, just outside the very picturesque town of Wanaka, lies the National Transport and Toy Museum.

It’s a ramshackle sort of place with masses of toys and sheds full of old vehicles. In the middle of it all is half a dozen or more cabinets full of Star Wars toys, books and records. It covers all the stuff from the original movies through to stuff released in recent years. Anyway, click on the thumbnails and have a look for yourself!

Apologies for the varying quality of pics – dark sheds with glass cabinets aren’t the best combination for ad-hoc photography.

Over to you: did you spot any sentimental favourites?