SWTOR: Rise of the Rakghouls announced

One month. That’s all it’s been since those with early game access on Day 1 started playing. It’s not a long time by any standards, but as shown with the two large patches already announced or implemented, Bioware aren’t backward in coming forward with updates.

That’s all chicken feed compared to the announcement that game update 1.1, called Rise of the Rakghouls, will be going live after next Tuesday’s maintenance downtime. The full patch notes are given below, but the bug ticket items are:

– a new level 50 Flashpoint called Kaon Under Siege
– the promised expansion to the Karagga’s Palace Operation, with four new bosses
– significant PvP changes with Ilum

We have some pics of Kaon Under Siege for you as well:

If you want a taste of Kaon Under Siege in action, have a look at this:

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