Webcomic Wednesday: JL8

Hello and welcome to Webcomic Wednesday! Each Wednesday I’ll highlight a new webcomic, and let you know why I like it so. For our inaugural week I’d thought I would introduce you to a personal favourite of mine: JL8

JL-8 Image

Imagine your favourite Justice League characters, but they’re eight-years-old. That is JL8 in it’s most basic form. What that doesn’t tell you is how well realised each of these children are. They’re the Justice League, in all their heroic glory, but they also are just kids who deal with school in such a way that doesn’t detract from their adult counterparts. Batman is still a brooding paranoid kid, and Superman is a morally upstanding citizen, but they still have to deal with bullies, girls, and family. It constantly references the DC universe, while also giving out great moral lessons, making the comic feel like a great Saturday morning cartoon for kids, but with just enough referential humour to appeal to the parent. It’s fun that isn’t observed enough in the DC line-up these days, which makes it a nice change from the usual serious business that our heroes have to face.

Plus it is just so gawd dammed cute.

Check out JL8 here, it’s updated every Monday and Thursday.

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