SWTOR news iPhone / iPad app gets an update

Just a quick heads-up that our TOROZ Reader App has had a significant update as far as the number of SWTOR news feeds it contains.

It’s essentially an RSS reader with two sections. The first is our own RSS feed . The second is titled ‘Other SWTOR News’, and it features a range of SWTOR-related feeds from around the world. It will run on either an iPhone / iPod Touch or iPad.

There’s a free version: TOROZ Reader and an AU$1.19 TOROZ Pro version which has a more polished look but otherwise is pretty similar. We’d obviously love if you bought the Pro version as it helps keep the site running, but if not grab the basic reader and get more than your fill of SWTOR news!

Android lovers: we’d very much like to have a version for you but unfortunately we don’t have the funds to develop one.