Hoth and Sith: a big fortnight

On the Bioware side of things it’s been an interesting fortnight. Last week it was the announcement of Hoth as one of SWTOR’s planets.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and rightly so – it’s one of those iconic planets that deserves some in-game love. How can you beat a desolate, cold planet with starship wreckage everywhere?

This week it’s the fleshing out of the Sith Warrior, with the confirmation that there are two advanced classes: Juggernaut and Marauder.

Bioware have released a 90-second video to give a sneak peek:

What’s encouraging is the ongoing growth in gameplay footage seeing the light of day. It’s expected to some extent as development matures but still not a surety.

So for those of you rolling Sith Warriors – does the updated Holonet entry give you much food for thought? And how many people are keen on exploring Hoth? I somehow doubt I’m the only one.