The Secret World: Help Guide

One of the coolest things about The Secret World is the investigation missions. They require brains instead of finger-mashing, which is why the game has a built in web browser for research. Which is probably what has brought you here. The below answers are ones I found out myself – I’d suggest you do the same but if you want the easy way out, read on:

(this help guide will grow as I progress through the game – bear with me!)

Men in Black Vans: what is the laptop password?

Answer: (non-spoiler) – go to the URL shown on the black suited bodies lying near the van and look up Kitsune’s wife at that URL. (spoiler) ‘sally’ is the password.

Men in Black Vans: where is the tracker I need to use?

Answer: right next to the laptop, adjust your camera angle and you’ll see it just to the left of the laptop in the back of the van. I didn’t see it for ages because I had my camera angle too low.

Men in Black Vans: how do I disassemble the tracker?

Answer: (non-spoiler) there’s a combination you need to do in the right order. If you get it wring you’ll see the component fizzle and hear a noise. It’ll also attract a bigger monster out of the sea so head back up the beach unless you want a fight. (spoiler) Select the component on the East side of the unit (facing the sea), then the South side and then West side. That’s what worked for me anyway.

I Phone Home: how do I give the tablet to Danny?

Answer: just left click on him once. Believe it or not took me a while to work this out.

ATC: how do I use the security keypad to get in to disable the EMP generator?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Kill the draug in the area and just near where he was standing you’ll find your answer. (spoiler) Passcode is 739241. And don’t forget to put on your Orochi uniform from your inventory (it is looted automatically from the body you examine – although you may need to examine both bodies to get one to fit).

Dawn of an Endless Night: what is the password on Dr Bannerman’s computer?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Dr Bannerman likes classical music based on the photo you examine. (spoiler) Google ‘Four Seasons Classical’ and you’ll get your answer.

Dawn of an Endless Night: how do I find the trail left by Beaumont?

Answer: (non-spoiler) You need to search around the airport based on the picture you’re shown. (spoiler) Go to the shed/shack that’s at the furthest west of the airport (just above the scrapyard). It has the same scenic flight sign as in the picture.

Dawn of an Endless Night: how do I unlock the door to the Illuminati tunnel?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Collect the items around the room, read the book on the desk near the door, which gives you the hints. (spoiler) In order, insert the Yin and Yang, Skull, Phoenix, Pyramid and The Eye, then the door will open.

Dawn of an Endless Night: Where is the Illuminati vault?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Find the Order of Great Works book just inside the entrance of the instance. Collect the items from each of the rooms (both levels) and then search for the vault. (spoiler) Find the loose floorboards in the northern end room on the ground floor. Jump down and you’ll come to a door. Same deal as the previous tunnel door – insert (in order) the Star of David, Masonic Symbol, The Eye, skull and finally the Templar Cross.

They Never Stop Coming: where are the Slow and Dry Zombies?

Answer:(non-spoiler) Go to the North West of the main township. (Spoiler) It’s zombies like the Charred Remains and Witch Trial Victims that fit into this category.

They Never Stop Coming: where are the Zombie Cultists?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Have a good wander around the back areas of Kingsmouth and you’ll find them. (Spoiler) Behind Norma’s house.

Tomb Raider: where is Eric and Mindy’s Grave?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Work your way around the graveyard and it’s there, but not in the easiest areas. (Spoiler) With your back to the church, it’s in the second back row on the right half near the fence.

Into Darkness: how do I get to New York?

Answer: via Agartha – I stupidly kept going to the record shop because there was a yellow cross there….

Into Darkness: where is the rendezvous point?

Answer: (non-spoiler) near a truck with flashing lights in a lower level of the parking garage. (Spoiler) Walk right up to the corpses in the corner on the lowest level.

Horror Show: where is the camera at the mining museum?

Answer: (non-spoiler) it’s in the top half of the building. (Spoiler) You climb the ladder on the building behind the mining museum, jump across to the museum and you’ll find the camera at the front of the musuem on the little overhang.

The League of Monster Slayers: what is the order of initiation?

Answer: here’s the map – click on it for the full-size version:










The League of Monster Slayers: where is the body I need to poke?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Look around the immediate area after you discover Dead Man’s Canyon. (spoiler) There;s a small dark head poking out of the ground. Mouse over that and it’ll be labelled as ‘The Body’ – right click to poke it.

Science And The Arts: where are the blueprints in the headmaster’s office?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Don’t make the mistake like I did of thinking the headmaster’s office is where you talk to him. (spoiler) The blueprints are on the wall in the headmaster’s office which is directly on the floor above where you talk to him.