WoW 5.04 and Overheating Issues: Fix On The Way

Update: Blizzard have mentioned a fix is on the way in Beta, 5.0.5 (16048):

So good news there!


There’s been a bit of discussion on the forums and elsewhere on some issues with the WoW 5.04 client causing a computer to run very hot i.e at 100% or more of CPU usage. I can vouch for this myself in that I’ve seen my Mac laptop running at 128% of CPU usage (don’t ask me how that works) when playing the game proper.

Here’s my CPU usage sitting at the login screen (click on image for full-size):

There’s a number of threads discussing the issue – this one being a prime example. Initially it was thought it was affecting Macs only but there’s increasing reports of PC users copping the same. Additionally, some Mac users, including me, are seeing the stuttering / graphic line effect occur sometimes when opening in-game windows such as the talent window etc.

There’s no word from Blizzard on the issue yet that we’re aware of, but we’ll update this post once there is something substantive.

Over to you: are you experiencing any big heating issues since the 5.04 update?