Legion of Silver Suns: Operations showcase

If you’re wanting a high-quality glimpse of some of SWTOR’s key Operations, then it’s hard to go past the recently formed YouTube channel for Republic Oceanic Guild Legion of Silver Suns (LoSS). Based on The Harbinger server at present, they’ve got some great vids, as you can see below:

LoSS Vs Karagga HM

LoSS Vs Foreman Crusher HM

LoSS Vs Jarg and Sorno HM

LoSS Vs Bonethrasher HM

LoSS Vs Soa HM

LoSS Vs Infernal Council HM

LoSS Vs Pylon Boss HM

LoSS Vs Gharj HM Eternity vault

LoSS Vs Eternity vault Annihilation Droid XRR-3 HM

Thanks to James over at SWTOR Gamers of Oceania Facebook Group for the heads-up