Bioware on Oceanic servers / guild hosting: we’re listening

One of the most regular points of contention for those looking to play SWTOR in the Oceanic region, is the lack of support to-date for the region – something we’ve discussed on the Flash Point podcast a couple of times. The guild hosting option recently announced only allows for selection of European and US time zones. Over at the SWTOR forums there’s a great discussion thread on Oceanic guilds, and Bioware’s David Bass has responded there on the issue:

For those that find the type too small:

I know we don’t talk about it much on the forums, but we are aware of the worries and concerns of our Oceanic community, and we take any feedback from the community very seriously, no matter how large or small. Of course, a lot of the decisions made fall on the business side of development, which means that there’s not much we can talk about or respond to at this time. We will pass your feedback on to the appropriate people, to ensure that your voice is being heard, but beyond that we can’t promise anything.

It’s a fairly safe statement to make: we understand there’s a concern but we can’t promise anything. That said, at least there’s an acknowledgement of the issue. It’s hard to envision anything substantial happening pre-launch given the guild hosting is well underway, but here’s hoping.

Latest poll results: we like to solo

The second of our ongoing polls has wrapped up. The question this time was around likelihood to join a guild, and if so whether the focus in the guild would be social or serious progression. The results:

The outright winner was soloing, although nearly half of respondents are going to join a guild, with 25% doing it for the progression, the rest for the social interaction. Interestingly, one in five are unsure of what they’ll do. That’s likely to be the cohort who maybe haven’t been in a guild before or who haven’t comprehensively played an MMO before and so don’t know both sides of the equation (solo or guild).

There’s certainly plenty of guild talk on our forums and the oceanic guild listing continues to grow, so there’s no doubt guilds will play a central role. That said, the claimed story-centric focus of SWTOR means that solo or ad-hoc team questing will be a very appealing option as well.

Thanks to all who voted, and the new poll is now up on the site – this time the subject is oceanic servers.