Games Developer Choice Award Nominees: SWTOR A Winner

The Game Developers Choice Awards are into their third year, and the nominees for this years awards, being announced in October, have been revealed. A big winner on the nomination front has been SWTOR, nominated for six awards:

1. Best Online Game Design
2. Best Online Visual Arts
3. Best Online Technology
4. Best Audio for an Online Game
5. Best New Online Game
6. Online Innovation Award

These are industry awards and it shows the level of esteem the game has managed to engender. It’s easy to be critical of any MMO, and SWTOR certainly has its share of flaws, but awards like these do help reality check the haters writing it off totally. It’s also good to see both veterans like World of Warcraft and relative newcomers like Tera and the DayZ mod getting some attention.

Yes, any awards can be nothing more than fluff pieces, but at the very least this shows that broadly the industry sees SWTOR as having made a big impression in the past year. The announcement of winners will show just how big that impression was.

A big thanks to our own writer and podcaster Simon for the heads-up!