Game of Thrones Series 3: New Cast

I promise this will be the last time I post GoT info for a few days (although a GoT game is on the cards so we can argue we’re still relevant!). Out of the San Diego Comic Con comes this brief snippet where new cast members introduce themselves. Enjoy!

Do you like what you see? Given how quick characters are killed off, I can see they needed a bunch of new faces!

Game of Thrones + Minecraft = Awesome

If you’ve watched Game of Thrones, used Minecraft, or ideally done both, you will want to have a closer look at this.

Westeroscraft is the community behind one of the most impressive building efforts I’ve seen in Minecraft. Their purpose is singular: to reconstruct the world of Westeros out of blocks. Using Minecraft, some custom texture packs and a team of people, they’ve created a range of locations already. Aside from the video below, you should check out this photo gallery for some stunning pics of what they’ve done.

Three questions taken from the Westeroscraft Wiki give you an idea of the scope of their project:

How long does it take you to make a project?
Depends. The entire project has been in production since December 2011. For each major build, plans are made on ours forums specifying everything from layout of the streets, to overall color scheme of the castle. Major builds take about a month usually, while some of the smaller castles take a couple of weeks at most.

What are you doing with the map when it’s finished?
The goal is to have an open world RPG/PVP map. We are in the process of writing custom quests and constructing a class system through the use of plugins on our server. Current ETA is December 2012, but no promises!

Where can I download the map?
You can’t. First off, the map is always a work in progress and is ever changing…why would you want to download an unfinished map? Second, the map is large. Very large. Uploading the map in a convenient way is not happening. We are, however, planning on releasing map files with individual builds on them. You can find them on the Media page of our website in the near future.

All that done, have a look at this video:

Over to you: have you built something impressive in Minecraft? Or do projects like this make you quake in your boots at the thought if achieving something similar? Let us know!

[Thanks to Reece for the heads-up!]

Game of Thrones Lightsaber Duel

Some great Saturday Star Wars vids for you. First up, watch Jaime Lannister and Eddard Stark go at it, lightsaber style:

Thanks to Ben for the heads-up!