The Secret World DLC Content Pricing Clarified

The Secret World DLCThe TSW dev team have posted an update on how the pricing of future downloadable content will work.

For what it’s worth, I quite like the approach and if you’re a Member or Grandmaster you’ll want to read about how to set up an auto upgrade to the new content.

Read on:

The current price of the Issue #5 DLC (The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn) has been adjusted to 750 points for non-members, 675 for members (after 10% member discount), and will remain at 600 (after 20% Grandmaster discount) for Grandmasters. This pricing change was meant to further reward Members and Grandmasters because the 10% Member and 20% Grandmaster discounts for shop purchases are now also applied to DLC.

Note that it is now possible for Members and Grandmasters to select to automatically upgrade to the DLC once it is available! This option is called “Set up DLC Autobuy“ and is available from your account page ( Note that this setting is set to “off” by default, so you must actively change it if you want this functionality.

We are also instating a cap on the DLC price for Grandmasters and Members. Regardless of the base (non-member) cost of a DLC, even if it starts at above 1200 points, the price for Grandmasters and Members will not be above 1200 points. This is also an additional bonus for Grandmaster and Member accounts, since it means they will always get enough points in a given month to purchase the newest DLC package.

For future DLCs Members and Grandmasters get access to the content 48 hours before non-members. This will be live with DLC #6.

Prices in the shop are always subject to change (up or down); prices for future DLC will vary based on the amount of content included and may be more expensive than this first DLC.

We hope this announcement sheds some light on recent DLC pricing changes and we thank you for your patience as we continue to adjust and improve the Grandmaster and Member experience.

What’s your take – do you like how things are now set up?