SWTOR: Oceanic Players Get 12th Character Slot

With Patch 1.4 well and truly live (full patch notes here), I had missed the detail on whether SWTOR players on the three oceanic servers had received the 12th character slot. The question was asked on the official SWTOR forums, and Joveth Gonzalez answered in the affirmative:

Yes! Oceanic servers now have 12 character slots with the latest update

SWTOR Oceanic Character Slots

Yes you CAN be like the rest of the world now!

Having a whole 4 toons on local servers, this is far from an issue for me, but it’ll be a bonus for some. We’d love to hear from you if you have 12 characters and how this has helped you – jump in!

SWTOR: No 12th Slot for Oceanic Servers – Yet

After a marathon server downtime of around 12 hours, things are back to normal but there’s one issue affecting oceanic players on local servers. It seems the 12th character slot isn’t available.

It seems it’s caught BioWare by surprise after being raised by the community, with Joveth Gonzalez posting this a little while ago:

No extra Character Slots for Oceanic | 09.18.2012, 10:05 PM
Hi folks! Thanks for raising awareness for this! Rest assured that Oceanic servers will be getting 12 character slots as well. Apologies for the confusion and the wait as we work on making this adjustment. Thank you for your patience!

No word on timeframes but we’ll let you know if it becomes clear.